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Crazy veterans get huffy about Lambeau flag lowering

Packers president Bob Harlan ordered the U.S. Flag outside of Lambeau Field flown at half-staff yesterday in honor of Reggie White. Some veterans in the area are bent, because that’s an honor only veterans can receive, according to the official flag code.

“I don’t believe the U.S. flag should be flown at [half-staff] for anyone unless it is authorized by our government,” said some crazy old coot with nothing else better to do. “It sort of denigrates the service of those in Iraq and Afghanistan who have lost their lives.”

Ummm… not really. What denigrates the service of those in Iraq and Afghanistan is the bodily harm they’re put in front of every day, for no real reason. I think that ranks a little bit higher on the denigration scale than the height of a flag in Wisconsin. I don’t want to disrespect any veterans, but… just take your ass back to the VFW, old man, watch some Wheel of Fortunte, order yourself a double scotch, and shut the fuck up.

Alright, I guess that was kinda disrespectful. Sorry.

It’s a flag. The Packers have done this before for other non-veterans, and you didn’t bitch then. The Packers brought in all of the families who had lost a loved one during the war for a game this year and honored them all. I think Bob Harlan has more than done his part to honor our nation’s veterans.

If you want to do something for veterans, old man, why don’t you write your president a letter and ask him why wounded soldiers are returning home, and getting bills for the medical care they received after being shot up in Iraq? Why don’t you try to find out why guys over there are forced to into battle without full armor? I think maybe that’s the more patriotic thing to do. Or spend all day worrying about the Packers organization trying to honor Reggie White.

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