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Jermaine O’Neal is cool

I have yet to hear real, sincere apologies from either Ben Wallace or Ron Artest regarding their roles in the brawl at the Palace… and somewhere, Stephen Jackson is still looking to fight someone. I’m picturing him walking through downtown Detroit, looking for people who were in the building that night, screaming, ‘YO, YOU WANNA FIGHT?”

But Jermaine O’Neal clearly grasps the situation, and is clearly very sorry… not only that it happened, but about his role in it. Give this a read. JO is a stand-up guy. I don’t feel like I’m in a position to be judging anyone else’s maturity, but… I will say that Jermaine O’Neal displays a maturity that seems to elude anyone else involved. He’s not running from any kind of responsibility.

I was initially against the judge ruling in his favor and shortening his suspension, but… this has changed my mind. I do believe that David Stern should have complete and unchallenged authority over suspensions in the NBA, and I’m not changing my mind about that… but O’Neil’s attitude, squeaky clean prior record, and activities in the community should count for something. I’m glad he’s back.

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