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NFL Free Agency

Anyone else find it odd that Derrick Mason was snatched up in a heartbeat, but that Plaxico Burress hasn’t even made a visit anywhere yet?

Mason’s the man, don’t get me wrong. But he’s also 31, and doesn’t have the physical attributes, upside, or miles left in the tank that Plax does. And I think Plax has proved that he’s a team guy over the past couple of years… strange. But the market out there for him seems to be slow. Someone will eventually snatch him up, and he’ll get paid, it just seems a little unusual to me that Mason was a hotter commodity.

The Raiders are also on the verge of giving LaMont Jordan a five-year deal with $27.5 million. NFL contracts get inflated, yes, but $15.7 million of that is guaranteed. For contrast, and I’m not comparing the two players, but Correll Buckhalter got a $200,000 bonus for resigning with the Eagles. Does $15.7 mil seem excessive for a guy who’s never really proved that he can carry the load as a full-time starter? The Jets apparently are convinced that he can’t… otherwise, why keep the rapidly-aging Curtis Martin instead of the 24-year-old LaMont?

Other little thingies: The Patriots cut Troy Brown, despite the fact that he went to the trouble of learning to play two positions to save the team’s ass. The Vikings signed massive defensive tackle Pat Williams away from Buffalo, an underrated signing that should go a long way to shoring up the Vikings run D.


  1. Not sure I would characterize Martin as “rapidly-aging”. The man led the NFL in rushing last year.

  2. Yeah, but he’s like 33…he probably is not going to lead the league in rushing again, and they are going to need a replacement. I think they did want it to be Jordan, just not at that price.

  3. No argument here, Melvin. He is getting up there, and a whole host of history dictates he can only have so much left. Just thought the “rapidly” was a bit harsh in light of the man’s phenomenal year. Looked like fine wine out there.

    That said, apparently the Jets did value Jordan very highly and made a legitimate effort to keep him in town. From today’s Daily News:

    “The Jets made competitive offers to Jordan and Ferguson, holding out hope they could entice their top two free agents into re-signing. They valued Jordan so much they were willing to upset their salary structure to retain him, offering him starter’s money – about $3 million per year.”

    Apparenlty they’re looking to scoop Derrick Blaylock from the Chiefs. He’d definitely be a nice pick-up.

  4. I didn’t mean to imply anything about his production… but the fact is that running backs over 30 tend to go downhill very quickly. I mean, major props to Curtis Martin for his year last year, but my point was that I wouldn’t bank on him doing it again.

  5. Got ya. Wouldn’t bank on it either.

    In any event, pretty nice offseason for the Raiders on the offensive side of the ball. From what I’ve seen of him, Jordan looks like the real deal. Averaged over 5 yards a carry this season. Granted, he only had 90 or so attempts, but the potential for big things is certainly there.

    And folks can kill Moss all they want, but I’d certainly take him on my team.

    Who wears “84”? Moss or Porter?

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