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Silas called Boozer a cunt

It’s so rare that I get to use the word “cunt” with a clear conscience. But thanks to Paul Silas… here we go, baby. It’s cunt time!

You may have seen a little note somewhere yesterday about Paul Silas apologizing for a remark, that never actually bothered to mention the remark. That’s because newspapers can’t print the word “cunt.”

A reporter asked Silas about Boozer returning to Cleveland for the first time since bolting for Utah, and Silas said, “See You Next Tuesday.” The reporter had no idea what he meant… and I wouldn’t have, either. So he asked for further explanation. Silas spelled it out for him. “C. U. Next. Tuesday.”

Apparently, that’s a pretty standard way to call someone a cunt underhandedly. This website advocates the method, and gives many examples of how it can be used.

Excellent work, Paul Silas. This kind of thing doesn’t happen every day. It’s hard to even get Shaq and Kobe to say something substantive about each other. I mean, the media goes crazy when Shaq makes some brick wall/Corvette analogy… and here we’ve got a head coach calling a player a cunt. It doesn’t get much better than that.

These remarks he thought were off-the-record got out, and then his Creighton Blue Jays lost in the NCAA tournament. Probably not a great day for Paul Silas. But hey, at least he can look forward to getting shitcanned in the offseason.


  1. Anonymous Anonymous

    It is obvious that Silas
    Can’t Understand Normal Thinking

  2. Silas also is…
    Fully Incapable of Reading Everyone’s Defense

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