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Paul Silas out

And I think it’s the right move. If LeBron’s OK with it, so am I… and I don’t see him shedding any tears.

The Cavs absolutely could not go into next season with Paul Silas as the head coach, and considering that they’re playing a lot like the Washington Generals right now, you might as well can him now and see if you can’t light a spark to stop the losing streak.

Here’s what you can say positive about the Paul Silas era in Cleveland: LeBron obviously developed quite well under him. That’s a fact… but, y’know, LeBron is so special that I think he could have developed pretty well if was led by a coaching staff of Rick Pitino, Rich Kotite, and that crazy bitch who fired Ashley McElhiney.

The negatives are a little more plentiful. The Cavs, often times, seemed like an unhappy, dispassionate, unorganized team. If LeBron didn’t create offense for them, a lot of times, there was just no offense. Yeah, they’ve had personnel problems… point guard and depth have been issues. But if a team in the East has two All-Stars, they should get themselves into the top half of the conference. That’s it. Period.

And the Cavs haven’t. Add to that the fact that he called someone a cunt last week, and that the Cavs are in the tank, and it’s an easy call. See You Next Tuesday, Paul.

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