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Maddox family abused

According to various reports, Tommy Maddox’s kids have been taking a little bit of abuse at school, and someone has thrown some trash on Tommy’s lawn, in the wake of his horrendous performance last week against Jacksonville.

Fickle, fickle, people. It wasn’t that long ago that everyone in Pittsburgh had a hat or t-shirt with a “#8” and “TOMMY GUN” written on it. Now, those same people are more likely to point an actual gun at Tommy.

He was once Pittsburgh’s savior, rescuing them from the Kordell Stewart era. The love for him was nearly universal, but all that, apparently, has been forgotten. Don’t get me wrong, if there was ever a single-game QB performance deserving of some lawn trash, this one was it. But that still doesn’t make it right. Someday, the people of Pittsburgh are going to want to buy insurance from a former XFL MVP, and they’ll wish they hadn’t done this.

Anyway, Steelers fan, if you want to abuse someone’s kids and litter on someone’s lawn, you could start with the guy who decided that it was a good idea that Maddox play all 60+ minutes against Jacksonville. You could start with the guy who refused to put Jerome Bettis in to fall forwards when the Steelers needed a crucial yard or two. You could start with the guy who broke in to Warren Sapp’s house and stole all of his hideous sweaters. He might’ve had something to do with that loss, too.


  1. Very true for the most part, but I can assure you that the love for Tommy Maddox has never been universal, regardless of how many Tommy Gun shirts you may have seen.

  2. That’s Pittsburgh fans for you. They love you when it’s going good but you can’t find em when it’s not so good. And yeah everybody did love Tommy Maddox.

    As for blaming the Coach. What? Someone from Pittsburgh blame the human spit machine? No way. He represents our blue collar town. Hi kisses our gay quarterbacks when they make good plays. Who wouldn’t love this guy. He gets pumped and spits. And that’s enough to qualify him as a great coach in Pittsburgh.

    Well I’m from there, and Cowher blows. I know it’s not simple to win a SB, but damn, the man has lost 3 AFC Championships. And they all happened to be at home. And every time they lost, it was just total domination. The Steelers have looked like they forgot how to play football or something. I don’t know, it’s nice to be loyal, I really call for that more in sports today. Especially the NBA. But the Steelers need a change if they ever want to break the hump.

  3. Yeah, Cowher does suck. I am from Pittsburgh as well, and I agree that they do blow it in the big games as of late. But total domination? Only one of those games can possibly be considered ‘total domination’. Cowher didn’t tell Roethlisberger to throw three picks in the first half against New England…the only questionable thing in that game was the field goal attempt from the 1 on fourth down. If Aaron Smith doesn’t hold on that screen pass, who knows what would have happened. They were underdogs against Denver, and they blew it on special teams against New England the first time. I was too young to remember what happened against San Diego, so I’m not going to comment on that one.

    They would possibly be able to do better than Cowher, but it might not be as easy as you think. What if they bring in somebody who turns out to be worse? He’s not a terrible coach, and I don’t agree that they change their style too much in the big games. They just tend to lose as of late. I do agree with MJD, Cowher’s biggest downfall is his stubborness. Why keep Maddox in there? Freakin’ Randle-El would have given them a better chance at QB. And why keep Duce on the bench when he is easily their best running back, while continuing to let Bettis run at a stout 1.9 yards per carry? Those are the things that I don’t understand.

  4. Anonymous Anonymous

    Only thing is, that Fox Sports article is bullshit and leaves out the part about how his agent exaggerated everything (if not made it up) to get some sympathy. According to Mrs. Maddox, nothing happened:

    Pittsburgh Tribune Review:
    “Having your kids deal with it at school and on the bus is a very, very tough deal,” Vann McElroy, the backup quarterback’s agent, told the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

    But the player’s wife, Jennifer Maddox, said reports that some fans tossed trash onto the family’s yard aren’t true. And she denied that her children were teased at school.

    “It’s not true. It’s not. I was just at the gym and I heard that and I went, ‘I haven’t picked up a piece of trash in my yard,”‘ Jennifer Maddox told WPXI-TV news Thursday.

  5. link please, anonymous.

  6. well, i’m basing the total domination statement on this. every year they have been a top team, they have been pretty good running the ball. it seems as soon as they get to the playoffs, they can’t run at all. you have to adapt and the steelers never do. that’s why they need a chance. i guess it falls back to the stubberness of “the jaw”.

    and the sand diego game was close. 4th and goal i believe. a low pass to barry foster was stopped in the end zone. it was either in the end zone or for a first down right by the end zone i can’t remember. it was close but they didn’t play all that great. and they were favored in that game as well.

  7. Damn Melvin, you are making me feel ancient. You were too young to remember the Steelers v Chargers game? I was hungover at UCLA watching that game. Anyway, Doug is right- it was 4th and goal, Chargers 17, Pitt 13…I think it was Seau that knocked the low pass away, but I could be mistaken. Like I said, I was hungover at the time.

  8. It was the immortal Dennis Gibson who knocked the ball away… one of the happier moments of my life. That, and the Alfred Pupunu touchdown in the same game.

  9. As an aside, I loved Pupunu’s “drink the pineapple” celebration.

  10. I think I was 10 at the time, it was like 60 degrees, and the Steelers were winning, so we went outside and played football for an hour and a half. When I got back it was like, 2nd and goal. So I missed a big portion of it and I didn’t remember the highlights from the next day.

    I wish I was at UCLA right now. It’s pretty f-in’ cold today.

  11. I was 12 at the time.

  12. If Maddox’s agent made this up… it kinda makes this a non-story… and makes the agent seem kinda weird. So, my apologies, Steeler fans.

  13. Anonymous Anonymous

    Pupunu is the man! No one will ever do the coconut dance like that guy! That ball he caught against the steelers in the AFC game was BITCHIN’!!!

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