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How might the NBA’s dress code affect sequins and assless chaps?

As there usually seems to be after an athlete or ex-athlete comes out of the closet, there’s a few notes in the news today about how NBA players would react if NBA baller were to take the league a step closer to the NB-Gay. Today, we get Paul Pierce, Danny Fortson, and Robert Parish.

Paul Pierce…

“I probably wouldn’t want to guard him.”

Danny Fortson…

And yesterday Fortson said he would have a problem with a gay teammate.

“I sure would,” Fortson said. “I wouldn’t want to be on that team. It wouldn’t be a good idea.

“As athletes, we still have a grade-school mentality where we pick on people a little bit. It’s not going to work with us. I don’t think it’s very acceptable behavior for men as far as I’m concerned.”

Fortson also said “he wouldn’t doubt it” if there were a gay player in the NBA but hopes he’s not a Sonic.

“That would be a bad deal,” Fortson said. “He might want to keep that one in the closet.”

Yeah, grade school sounds about right, Danny.

And from The Chief:

“Pro sports are all about macho, having that chip on your shoulder from all that testosterone flowing through the locker room,” Parish said. “Nothing’s taboo in a pro locker room, except family members. Everything else is free game. It’s a male chauvinist environment at its highest. A player like that could even suffer some bodily harm if he wasn’t careful.

“I’m afraid we’ve got a long ways to go. I know I won’t see a change in my lifetime. Maybe my children’s lifetime, though.”

Parish’s acceptance of gay culture may be connected to his NBA roots. He started playing in San Francisco for the Warriors in 1976. After spending his life in rural Louisiana, the Bay Area’s denizens were, as Parish said, “eye opening – oh my goodness, umm umm umm.

“I had never seen anything like that,” he said. “It made me pause. But I never was appalled. The only thing that shocked me was that it was going on in public. I had never seen such a blatant display.”

Nothing too surprising there. Fortson is an idiot, and the fact that he’s a homophobe would be about as shocking as learning that Darius Miles owns the movie Friday. The NBA is like anywhere else… some guys are cool with it, some guys aren’t. And The Chief is right, the atmosphere in locker rooms is not exactly high culture. No one’s going to confuse an NBA (or NFL, MLB, or NHL) locker room with the Algonquin Round Table.

Gracias, Slam.


  1. The locker room environment can’t be that harsh if Danny Fortson was able to wear pigtails for an entire season….

  2. Ski Ski

    just read your previews at courtsidetimes, good job (especially with spurs second team comment)

  3. Great post, MJD. I continue to be impressed with your ability to write about gay issues as they pertain to sports. I wrote about this a bit just a moment ago over at my site as well.

  4. Who wrote that for Chief? I get the feeling that all he said was, “Gay….baaaaad.”

  5. I think people use the word homophobe way too freely. Just because you aren’t down with that lifestyle doesn’t mean you are a homophobe. I don’t think most people are scared of gay people.And that’s what a phobia is, a fear. They just think it’s sick. I work with gay people and talk to them all the time, but if they started talking about dating a dude or kissing or whatever, I’m gone. Why? Cause that is sick and I don’t want to hear about it, not because I’m afraid.

  6. I think it is homophobia in this instance. The undertones of these comments isn’t that they wouldnt want a gay person in the locker room because they don’t approve of the lifestyle. Pro sports are full of guys that aren’t exactly role models. It’s because they harbor a paranoid delusion that their gay peers would try to molest them or the least be checking them out at the first opportunity. That’s fear.

    Also while we try to deny it, sports are on the cusp of being gay already. It’s guys bodying up to each other during the game, hugging each other in victory, and showering with each other aftewards. Replace the male athletes with some hot women, and you’ve got yourself a Vivid video.

    The other reason that homophobia is an appropriate term as well is because on some level- rationally or not- straight guys are afraid that if they’re approving of a gay lifestyle then they might be gay themselves. So guys instead act hostile towards the gay lifestyle and call it “sick” for the purpose of reinforcing to themselves that they are in fact straight.

  7. styler styler

    u guys don’t understand:
    doug runs away BUT NOT CUZ HES SCARED HES NEVER SCARED!!! he just doesn’t like to hear certain words next to each other, like “dating” and “dude”
    it’s like a magic spell, you see? those words could possibly burrow into his mind and then pretty soon he won’t be able think about anything else!

  8. Oh I’m sorry. You guys are right. I’m subconsciously afraid I might be gay.

    Why can’t somebody just not want to hear stuff about being gay? It’s not like I’m one of those guys who think lesbians rule and gay men is sick. It’s both sick and twisted. There’s a reason why Men have dicks and Women have pussies. They sort of go together. It goes against Nature. That’s why I don’t like that shit. I don’t care if they are prissy and like interior design. Go for it. I wish I had taste. But getting off a dude is sick.

    But you guys are right. We should all be more accpeting of gays. I’d hate to hurt anyone’s feelings for being different and doing something inherently wrong. Oh how horrid.

  9. i’m glad you’ve come around, Doug.

    welcome to the 21st century.

  10. if being a tree hugger and loving everybody and never saying or thinking anything offensive just so everybody is happy is what the 21st century is about, then i’ll stay in whatever century you think i’m in.

    i’m starting to think the majority of the readers here are from california or something. gotta be. i’m glad nobody buys the shit you guys feed me on this site at home.

  11. And I’m glad that it’s early November and I can still roll to the beaches in San Diego.

    So we all win.

  12. Did Doug say lesbians are sick and twisted?

    Dude that’s so gay!

  13. as long as you are running with women and not men, i’m jealous.

  14. Anonymous Anonymous

    I wonder what would happen if you had a white athlete say he didn’t want to play with blacks or share a locker room for fear he would be robbed? All hell would break loose and the white player would probably be villified and kicked off the team. These black guys need to wake up and realize where they were as a race not more than 30 04 40 years ago.

  15. I’m glad Doug is the judge of what is inherently wrong. That’s going to be great for the world.

  16. My head hurts (after reading the comments).

    Nice post, though, mjd.

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