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Gunther Cunningham’s finger

Gunther Cunningham, pretending he coaches for the RaidersGunther Cunningham saw something that angered him through his yellow-tinted duck hunting glasses on Sunday. In response, he extended his middle finger, apparently in the direction of some Cowboys defenders. But it’s OK, Gunther… Dick Vermeil ain’t mad atcha.

“Hey, he made a mistake, and that happens,” Vermeil said. “I have seen that sign of peace in a national broadcast by an NCAA college football player (ed note: WHAT UP, CHRIS HENRY!). That’s a sign of frustration more than anything else, and sometimes, they deserve it.

“We all should demonstrate more professional poise, and he would tell you the same thing. But in the heat of the battle sometimes when you’re an intense, passionate, guy like he is… I don’t know how many of you have ever put yourself in that kind of environment to know what finger you might wave.”

Vermeil didn’t even cry. Gunther could still be fined by the league, which might put a dent in the number of clay discs he can purchase and shoot at in the offseason.


  1. Anonymous Anonymous

    Henry? That Rutgers game wasnt on national TV. How about Vick

  2. Anonymous Anonymous

    A Kansas City Star sports columnist/toady named Jeff Flanagan wrote on Wednesday of the Gunther Finger: Never happened. Then Flanagan made a comment about how it was obvious the photo was doctored. He didn’t quote anybody, just himself and stated it as fact. Oops. On Thursday, when a Chiefs beat reporter for The Star wrote a story about the Gunther Finger, complete with a lot of quotes from a lot of people, all Flanagan could say was `you were right’ — a reference to all those who called and wrote, pointing out the photo. Must be hard being a toady sometimes.

  3. Anonymous Anonymous

    This is of topic, but i didn’t know were else to post it.

    Today Rob Babcock appeared on a Canadian sports talk show ( and stated that he was a Tupac fan. Babcock even pronouced Tupac’s name correctly, and said that me against the world was a better song then california love. I thought you would like to know this.

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