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Donovan McNabb is not moving on

I guess they can't make a bobblehead with an accurately rendered balding cornrow mullet.Turning our attention to Donovan McNabb for a minute…

“My name was thrown around like a cheap rag that just couldn’t make it to the washing machine,” said Donovan McNabb yesterday. “But sometimes in life, you have a learning experience, something that you can learn from and sit back and just dwell on the past, and hopefully it’ll make you stronger mentally. Again, with everything that’s happened, you sit back now and smile about it and move on.”

Oh, good. So you’re going to move on? You’re going to try and put all this behind you, and focus on moving ahead as the leader of the Eagles? Oh, that’s great. What, what’s that? You’re not? You’re going to bitch about it a little while longer?

Well I guess that’s another way to do things, too. By all means, go ahead.

“Personally, this is a sign for my teammates… That person you may smile and talk to every day, that same person can talk about you in the media or publicly, or talk to somebody else about how he doesn’t like you or is jealous of you or whatever it might be. So again, every individual makes their own decisions. Now for me, it’s time to see how my teammates react to that. We’ve obviously seen how they reacted to it during the season. They wanted him back. So what message does that send to you?”

Well, it sends to me the message that they wanted to win… and that, much like you, Donovan, they weren’t able to ignore all the bullshit and just play football.

But the message you’re sending right now is that you’ve done everything but move on. Why is any of this happening? Owens is in Denver, talking to them, talking to Kansas City, talking to whoever, making his own headlines… there’s no reason for any Eagle, particularly McNabb, to be talking about this right now. Worry about the Eagles, worry about next year.

It feels like if McNabb were a stronger leader last year, that the entire Terrell Owens situation wouldn’t have been as bad as it was. I’m not blaming McNabb exclusively for anything that happened. Owens was the instigator. But McNabb is clearly still bothered by this, he can’t put it past him, and he’s still hurt by some of his teammates reaction, and he can’t be like that. The only thing he should do is stand in front of the team and say, “Fuck all of this, the guys who are here are here, those are your teammates, so let’s act like a team and just go play.”

Hugh Douglas pretty much said the same thing yesterday on some Philadelphia radio show, criticizing McNabb’s leadership… and maybe he’s right, but I fail to see how this helps anything. For some reason, the Eagles have hired Hugh Douglas in some kind of official “ambassador” role… which tells me that Andy Reid has major doubts about the leadership of the team to begin with.

It appears that the Eagles are a fractured and fucked group. The guy who’s supposed to be leading is, months after the fact, complaining about his teammates in the public, and a guy who isn’t even on the team is going on the radio and talking about how no one’s a good leader. Best of luck, Andy Reid.


  1. the sockk the sockk

    It certainly didn’t help that ESPN wouldn’t fucking stop covering TO.

  2. Mullet Mullet

    When he said that TO wanting Brett Favre as his QB was a ‘black on black’ crime in the ESPN interview. I mean, I totally agree with him. Instead of making that Brett Farverah comment, TO should’ve just burnt a cross in Donavan’s yard or busted a cap in Donavan’s ass. Mcnabb is coming off as such a pussy right now.

  3. Bigga D Bigga D

    Man, oh MAN I hate Donovan McNabb…

  4. McNabb: “That’s like me going out and saying, ‘Hey, if we had Steve Largent. If we had Joe Jurevicius. It was definitely a slap in the face to me. It was a slap in the face because, as deep as people want to go into it, it was black-on-black crime.”
    “It’s different to say, ‘If we had Michael Vick or Daunte Culpepper or Steve McNair or Byron Leftwich,” But to go straight to Brett Favre, that kind of just slapped me in the face like, ‘Wow … ”’ ”

    After McNabb says all this, I not only question his leadership but also question his intelligence.

    Black or white Favre is known for his leadership, toughness, guts, and SuperBowl ring – four things T.O. wanted in a quarterback and four things McNabb may not be.

    McNabb couldn’t hold Favre’s jock strap so I’m not sure where he gets off feeling insulted by Owens using Favre’s name.

  5. VTHokie01 VTHokie01

    McNabb needs to focus on the future.

    Furhtermore, as a white person that’s had taken one Black Studies course, (oh boy, here we go) it seems to me that Donovan shouldn’t be using the phrase “black on black crime” in reagard to T.O. and his statements last year.

    First off, there’s never any mention of the following types of crime: white on white (Enron), white on black (U.S. Justice System, Slavery), white on brown (Native Americans), brown on black, etc. etc. “Black on Black Crime” is just a media machination used to support and justify the way they cover crime, idiotic TV shows like “Cops,” and in general reinforce the perception that all working-class black folks are criminals who don’t give a fuck about anyone, including their own “race.” Too bad Donovan didn’t take a course like that at Syracuse. Or maybe he did, but he was too busy doing other things, or maybe his prof. sucked. Who knows.

    Secondly, excuse me, Mr. Bojangles? Why don’t you dress up in a suit, play the piano and tap dance around while you’re in that retarded-ass Campbell’s Chunky Soup commerical while you’re at it? Dress your Mom up like Aunt Jemima, b/c she’s the “Big Mama” nanny that takes care of the whole team? Come on, Donovan? WTF were you thinking? You can do commercials and endorsements without doing corny ass shit like that which 1) is stupid, lame, sucks, and doesn’t sell soup and 2) reinforces VERY NEGATIVE stereotypes about Black folks. “Ooooh, look at all those big pieces of steak in there!”

    Donovan is the proverbial pot calling the kettle black. (No pun) He needs to look in the mirror and ask himself what he’s doing right and wrong before he gets on his soapbox and starts calling out other people.

  6. BigBoi BigBoi

    Why the fuck is he bringing this shit up now? Nobody is thinking about the muthafukin Eagles right now and what, is McNabb a media whore and needs to be talked about or something? I think Jerramy Stevens paid him to talk right now so that ESPN would shut the fuck up about his non-comment.

  7. theotheruw theotheruw

    McNabb’s statements were out of pocket. You can’t be saying that crap outside the tackle box.

  8. BigBoi BigBoi

    Where is McNabb from? Is he from the city or the suburbs, he seems like a black man that can’t relate to his own folk. He’s like one of those corny type brothas, everybody knows one and I’m starting to think McNabb is one of those cats. Like Kobe, he’s a corny brotha or Greg Gumbel, or (if you live in seattle)weatherman Steve Pool (although I have a sneaking suspicion that Steve gets gangsta than a muthafucka when them cameras go off, he probably has a bunch of bitches, pimps a couple of them out, Smokes chronic lke no ones business and can take 40’s to the head with the best of ’em, the Gumbel’s too).

  9. burnplant burnplant

    The Eagles are fucked up right now? yeah. Just like the niners after Douchebag Owens left. Was that McNabb’s fault also? Ask Mariucci and Garcia how well everything turned out for them.

    I’m no McNabb defender, but you guys are all fucking douches for jumping on him just like ESPN wants you to.

    Try thinking for yourselves once in awhile. Somebody should be on TV calling Owens a fucking dick every day for the rest of his career. If it has to be McNabb, fine. Owens is a cancer for the NFL and a cancer for whichever dumb ass team signs him.

  10. BigBoi BigBoi

    Burnplant, I’m in the pussy so much, I might as well be a douche.

  11. Mr. Bojangles Mr. Bojangles

    As an Eagles fan, this makes me extremely sad, as I’ve always liked the guy as our QB. I can only guess he:

    A) Was getting a lot of shit from somewhere if he felt the need to bring this up now.

    B) Was feeling mighty cranky come Super Bowl week, after last year’s fourth quarter debacle.

    When I first read VTHokie’s comment, I thought I’d pissed him off without actually saying anything. Durf.

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