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Bode Miller “Rocked.”

THAT woman is worth sacrificing a shot at a medal?  I wouldn't fuck her with *your* dick.I get about half of what Bode Miller has been saying. I understand that there can be great performances that don’t result in gold medals or world championships and wins. I get that. I get that you have to live for your own expectations, and not those of other people. I get that winning and losing isn’t always everything.

But there are things I don’t get. I don’t get why it’s okay to come to the Olympics and not try your hardest to win. I don’t get why you wouldn’t train as hard as you possibly could. I don’t get why it’s a bigger goal to party with a positively frightening woman and socialize “at an Olympic level” than it is to actually put forth your best performance. I don’t get why it’s OK to take a spot on the Olympic team from someone who would’ve taken it seriously and who would’ve tried their hardest.

When you have the talent to be the best, then it is about winning. To say it isn’t is to completely cop out, to make excuses for why you don’t have to make that commitment. Bode Miller is not the Jamaican bobsled team. He’s one of the best in the world. It shouldn’t be about just being here. I believe he does have an obligation to try and win. It’s not enough to go out and “rock.” If he can’t take having that responsibility, he should quit. Give the spot to someone who will give an honest effort. Give it to someone who believes the Olympics are more than about partying.

We watch sports because we want to see winners and losers. These sports exist because we watch with the assumption that we’re going to see who’s the best. And when someone goes out there without having prepared to the best of their ability, we don’t see that. When someone goes out there who just wants to “rock,” we don’t get that. Ultimately, as sports fans, we’re sold something that we aren’t getting.

Hey, I don’t care that he didn’t win. Lots of people didn’t win. Even with all the commercials, all the headlines, the 60 Minutes, the magazine covers, etc… if he goes over there and busts his ass, and someone was better… that’s fine. I didn’t think poorly of Dan O’Brien when Reebok’s Dan and Dave campaign went bust. But I do think poorly of Bode Miller for treating the Olympics as if they were just an opportunity for him to make some Nike money and have a good time.


  1. Josh Josh

    Maybe Nike can cut their losses and sell the Join Bode campaign to Captain Morgan.

  2. mrmom61 mrmom61

    well said. you rock mjd.

  3. Mr. Bojangles Mr. Bojangles

    I’d say something derogatory about the guy, but he’s done a fine job of disgracing himself without me needing to rag on him. Next, I hear he’ll be posing for the cover of “DQ” magazine for their top post-Olympics story, “How to skip 5 Olympic events without breaching your Nike contract”.

    Re: Bode’s older comments on guys he thinks were on the juice – detestable as they are, at least they’re trying to win.

  4. Ron Ron

    Frightening woman?

    I would not throw her out of bed for eating crackers.

  5. theotheruw theotheruw

    Bode doesn’t owe anything to anyone except himself, his sponsors, and anyone that spent time and money trying to help Bode win. He doesn’t owe us any level of effort. If it were me, and I’d already won a world downhill, figured I’d proven myself, Nike paid me a bunch of money to go over there, and I was single, I definately would figure out a way to try and compete while getting loaded and laid every night. And I’d probably fail the “cometitive” thing too. This was a two week party with fit hot chicks everywhere. Rahlves didn’t party and he left with the same medals as Bode. But at least Bode had a good time.

  6. hkuszak hkuszak


    that’s bullshit – in the World Cup, Bode represents himself, he skis for himself, he trains for himself. If you go to the Olympics, you represent not only yourself, but your country. And being from the US, he should know that he had better damn well put forth the best effort possible in representing his country, regardless of the outcome. Bode Miller did not do that in these Olympics.

  7. the mighty mjd the mighty mjd

    Ron – Hey, different strokes, but… that woman’s face frightens me. She looks like Satan’s whore.

  8. Ron Ron

    I imagine Satan’s whore would be able to teach a guy a trick or two!

  9. Yeah Yeah

    she gives a whole new meaning to the term “fire crotch”

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