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This Is Just Not Nice

Perhaps he's just helping him scratch.  Masculine itching can be embarrassing.George Mason guard Tony Skinn is no Chris Paul… though they do have some things in common. Mason was playing Hofstra in the Colonial Athletic Association tournament the other day, and Skinn saw fit to punch an opponent in the balls.

At least that’s what reports say… I didn’t see it happen. I can’t confirm that it wasn’t a gentle and tender caress. Sometimes g uys develop close bonds during the heat of competition. It’s hard to tell pleasure or pain from that expression… it’s such a fine line anyway.

What’s with punching people in the balls during a basketball game? I understand a little cheap shot here or there, you tug a jersey, you throw an elbow, you do something to try and help you get an advantage. But leave the package alone. That just violates all kinds of rules… of basketball, of manhood, and of humanity.

He’ll likely be suspended for a game. An NCAA tournament game, if Mason gets the bid.


  1. Saw the full clip at work (the perks of working in TV!) and Skinn definitely wasn’t giving him a “happy ending”. I tried to record it to spread it online, but no dice. There is a station (most likely in the GMU market, since they followed up with five minutes of Jim Larranaga interviews) with the video, could very possibly be online already.

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