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BWILF. Boehim’s Wife I’d Like To…

YAY!  If the team keeps winning, my husband keeps working, and I don't have to sleep with him.  YAY!In case you were wondering what it’s like to be the wife of a head coach at tournament time (and you know you were), here you go. I don’t really have much of an opinion on the subject myself, but I’ve always thought that Jim Boeheim was punching way out of his weight class with his wife Juli.

Now, that’s not the most flattering picture of her (unless you’re into teeth), but… Juli Boeheim is a fine looking older woman. I’ve got to think that would be valuable in recruiting. She’s a walking advertisement that says, “Come to Syracause and marry someone way more attractive than you are.” And it’s been working out quite well for Carmelo Anthony.


  1. SLaird22 SLaird22

    Jim Boeheim has an 11 inch penis.

  2. Bouj Bouj

    If I remember the story, she was a hot little coed at the ‘Cuse when he snagged her. She’s 21 years younger than him (he’s 61, BTW).

  3. First, I commend you on the use of the “trim” category. I had never noticed that before.

    Second, what the hell did Alford get himself into?

    Note to shallow college girls everywhere… Just because you’re banging the perfect-haired star of Indiana (state and/or U.) basketball does not make you exempt from sausage fingers and a bird nest of a hairdo.

    Interestingly enough about Boeheim, Wikipedia doesn’t mention “bagging a college chick” as a “notable accomplishment”.

  4. daveinseattle daveinseattle

    Not to disagree with Bouj, but I’m pretty sure that Boeheim met his hottie wife at a party at the Kentucky Derby one year.

    Yep…I was right.

    “It seems Boeheim was attending his wife’s family reunion at Pine Mountain Lodge in the Pineville area. His wife, the former Juli Greene, went to school through the eighth grade in Harlan. She later attended UK and then lived in Lexington, where Boeheim met her at a Kentucky Derby party in 1994.”

  5. Did you see the LSU game?

    Misty I’d like to f*ck. (Back in the day, at least.)

    Gives hope for bald, middle-aged men w/ ambiguous mustaches everywhere.

  6. Bouj Bouj

    I stand corrected. She was a hot 28-y.o. when they met. He still pulled better than he should have. I’m just saying.

  7. JT JT

    Yeah, Misty Brady [aka former stripper Misty Champagne] has to take the cake. Anyone able to find a picture of her? She was looking superb at the Duke game last night.

  8. pete A. pete A.

    Those teeth look quite sharp to me!

  9. A fellow Champagne A fellow Champagne

    Just to inform you people and all the other stupid reporters out there.. you didn’t do your homework too well. Misty Champagne is her married name!!! Yes you heard me. She got the last name from her 1st husband. Her maiden name is FOGG. Now, go make fun of someone else’s family.

  10. A friend of Misty A friend of Misty

    Another little tidbit for all you idiots- Misty is also not a stripper. She is a personal trainer and spends hours in the gym on a daily basis.


    As you are “a friend of Misty”, can you please explain why an fairly attractive young woman like her would want to hook up with a wrinkled old man like Brady? The only reason I can see would be $$$$$$. She could do MUCH better. I think the “stripper” thing comes from the fact that she chooses to show WAY too much skin. There’s a time and place for that, and it isn’t at BB games…..

  12. Another fellow Champagne Another fellow Champagne

    You people have nothing better to do than to obsess over some old guy’s wife and why he married her. Please keep in mind that she has family–and they do read these kinds of things. You wouldn’t want someone talking about your family member in the way that you people do.


    Not obsessing……..just stating the facts. So you are related to the ex-husband??? Mark my words…..IT WILL NEVER LAST…….Everyone in B.R. knows why she married him, so surely her family knows too. Now she’s gotten him to buy her a big new house. She’s spending it as fast as he can make it. Nothing more to say.

  14. NightStalker NightStalker

    A stripper works for her money.
    “Miss Tea Bags” works a dude for his.
    Been there. Done that.

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