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I Wish To Attend Maguire University

I'm OK with any institution of higher learning that's actually headquartered in a bar.A bunch of old guys that I’d like to hang out with pulled off a pretty sweet little trick… in 1963, some guys were sitting around in a bar came up with the idea of founding a fake institution of higher learning. They called it “Maguire University” and they used it to hoodwink the NCAA into giving them free Final Four tickets.

I don’t know exactly they went about it, but they must have just called the NCAA and said, “Hey, we have a school,” and the NCAA said, “OK, your tickets are on the way,” because really, all they had was their idea.  There was no team, no school, no nothing.  And it worked.  The NCAA send them Final Four tickets for two years. Air Force even called them up once and asked to schedule a game against them.

This is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever heard.  It ended when some Chicago columnist eventually broke their story in the Chicago Tribune, and that was the end of it. But they’ve still found a way to attend each of the last 44 Final Fours, which is oustanding. These men are heroes.


  1. Adam Adam

    That is the coolest fucking thing anyone has ever done. Fooling the NCAA into giving you free final four tickets by prentending to be the head of a fictional school? That’s badass.

  2. unc_samurai unc_samurai

    “…the idea of a fake institution of higher learning.”

    Leave Cincinnati out of this.

  3. That is awesome! Shows that the NCAA can be stupid sometimes to go along with some of their stupid rules.

  4. Any links to the full story? I’ve got to read this…If only MY drinking buddies would come up with something that sweet…

  5. Emmit>Barry Emmit>Barry

    I’ve been to Kelly’s, the bar on Webster in Chicago where “Macguire U” is, several times, and I always figured those pennants were just a weird joke. Now they’re awesome.

  6. the mighty mjd the mighty mjd

    Yeah, I have the link… I forgot to stick it in there. I’ll find it later. My apologies.

  7. Audrey Audrey

    My grandfather was one of the guys who started Maguire U!

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