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Lady Terrapin Fans Do Some Lady Rioting

You're under arrest for watching women's basketball.As noted on Deadspin earlier today, the Maryland Terrapins won the national title last night in women’s basketball, and the victory was followed by some significant rioting on the Maryland campus. A woman was hit by a car and seriously injured, a bunch of students attempted to turn over a bus, fires were set, etc.

There was no major damage, apparently, so I’m not going to make that big a deal about it, but… the behavior of those involved is just ridiculous. I’m not anti-celebration. Go nuts. You can have a bonfire… but you can’t just start tearing shit down and setting it on fire at random locations. It is not OK to turn over a bus because you’re happy about women’s basketball.  Although you know when Trey Wingo heard about the rioting, she thought, “Another positive step for women’s college basketball.  We’re really gaining ground.”

And that’s my point. I could be wrong, but I don’t believe the people who are genuinely happy about the victory are the ones lighting things on fire and trying to tip over a bus. These people are not happy about women’s basketball. These are not fans cheering. These are jagoffs who want an excuse to act like a completel fuckhead and just start destroying things… because I know damn well they don’t care that much about women’s basketball. Half of them probably didn’t even know what they were out there celebrating… but sure, pushing over a bus sounds like fun, so they did it.

To those who were that excited about the women’s basketball victory that they run around jumping and screaming… that’s kinda weird, but congratulations. To those who just felt like causing some destruction… you belong in prison.


  1. VTHokie01 VTHokie01

    This is why the cops in Morgantown won’t let anyone have couches readily accessible when GOOD football teams are in town (Black Diamond Trophy, Bitches!) – maybe the cops in College Park should follow their Morgantown counterparts lead?

    BTW, I hate WVU when they play Tech, but it was great to see them embarass Georgia this January. Rodriguez is a great coach. Maybe VT should hire him as the OC.

  2. did they think the MEN had won? who the fuck are these people? it’s WOMEN’S basketball.

  3. Mr. Bojangles Mr. Bojangles

    I blame the booze. I know I can’t watch an NCAAW basketball game sober, either. By the time OT started, these people were probably so wasted, they could be mistaken for extras in Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome.

    Congrats to the Lady Terps on a successful season; sorry about the rioting frat thugs tarnishing your victory. But hey, at least they aren’t the racist rapist lacrosse thugs the Dookies need to take out behind the shed, “Old Yeller” style.

  4. It doesn’t really work at WVU anyways. My sister goes there, and I’ve been to many a game. They just take the stuff from inside the house.

    We hate VT for just existing. I don’t know if it’s true or not, but since you go there maybe you can verify. Is it true that Hokie is a turkey without balls?

  5. tay tay

    same thing occured when the men won a few years back

  6. CheeseheadPete CheeseheadPete

    Some Lesbians go on a rampage. So what?

    Now I’d riot in the presence of Stacy Dales-Schuman-
    the only reason to watch the womens game broadcast. Speaking of Trey (cue Jerry Stackhouses idiot laughter) Wingo, whats next? Spelling Bee analysis?

  7. Terps beats Duke = riot. If UM beat Duke in a Ms. Pac Man tournament, they’d have a riot. That’s just how it is with The Turtle.

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