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Some Happenings In The Pistons/Cavs Game…

Anderson, before he saw Bob Ross on TV and discovered a new hair role model... happy little trees.Anderson Varejao assaulted Rasheed Wallace in the second quarter of last night’s game, as Wallace made a move towards the basket. Varejao clubbed him from behind with both arms, and then threw Rasheed to the ground to finish it off. He was ejected.

As you know, I’m a Pistons fan, but… I kinda respect what Varejao did. Earlier in the season, a Rasheed elbow split open Zydrunas Ilgauskas’ dome, and then he laughed in Z’s face when he tried to retaliate. I guess Varejao holds a little bit of a grudge. I like that. Nothing wrong with a hard foul to send a message.

Of course, the message wasn’t really well-received… the Pistons beat their ass, winning by 23. “Flip outcoached me and their players outplayed us on both ends of the floor,” Cavs coach Mike Brown said. “Even their cheerleaders did a nice job.” But it was a nice try, anyway, Anderson. I guess it’s Brazilian Day here on

Anyway, later in the game, LeBron James twisted/sprained/injured his ankle when he came down on someone else’s foot. No one knows how bad it is yet, but… the Cavs are locked into the 4-seed in the Eastern Conference playoffs, so… expect him to rest.

Detroit is one win or one Spurs loss away from wrapping up home court advantage throughout the playoffs. They’re 36-3 at home.

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  1. CheeseheadPete CheeseheadPete

    Gotta stand up for your teammates. I’m a Pistons fan too, but Rasheeds a punk. Great player, but a punk. Cavs definitely go out in the first round.

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