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The Marbury Bombshell

He holds a Spalding like no other man alive.Apparently, it was this:

Typical of their dysfunctional relationship was Marbury’s session with the media Thursday. He said that “Larry Brown made me a better man,” but then gave a “No comment” when asked if Brown was the right coach for the team.

Oh, that’s sweet. He makes you want to be a better man. I think he was trying to make you a better point guard, but that didn’t work out so well. I think Larry and Stephon should hop in Cuba Gooding Jr.’s convertible and drive Greg Kinnear to Baltimore and learn some life lessons along the way.

And I might as well mention, while I’m on the subject, that Larry Brown did indeed confirm that he’s coming back next year. Someone asked him if his health issues could cause him to leave New York, like they kinda/sorta/didn’t cause him to leave Detroit.

“I wasn’t in control of that,” he said of the Detroit situation. “I want to return here. I want to fulfill my contract and I want to stay involved as long as they’ll have me.”

Not to nitpick, Larry, but you could’ve been in control of that last year. At the end of the season, it was, “Hey, I wanna come back, but who knows if my health will let me?” which left the Pistons in a situation where there options were to wait around for a decision, letting every decent coaching candidate get hired somewhere else, and just pray that you decided to return, or to let you walk and find someone who could actually commit to the job. This year, it’s “Hey, I’m coming back! I’m coming back!” I just wanted to note the differences.


  1. HuangKong HuangKong

    And here I thought Stephon Marbury was going to announce his new name was Mahmoud Abdul Star-uf.

  2. Cutty Cutty

    Can I just hate Larry and S-T-A-R-B-U-R-Y both equally? I know some people don’t think its possible, but it just feels too right.

  3. You’re too generous Cutty.Forget hating both equally. How about hating each one more for not being all they could be?

    Disgrace Marbury’s not any better than he was 5 years ago or more amenable to coaching. His way or the highway. Seems to be working out really…not so fine.

    &…..mystifying…as to why Larry Brown would take the Knickerbocker’s job if health is his problem………….. Damn,….. if health was my problem I’d take a job as a coach where the team could play by themselves…..

    (Instead of a team where I needed a pepto-chaser just to get thru the damn evening);….
    You all know….a team like the team he was coaching last year…
    Wait?!…do I hear Detroit calling?
    What a dichotomy.

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