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Disgrace To Commentary Calls Ricky Williams “Disgrace To The Game”

Ouch.Joe Theismann went on the radio and called Ricky Williams a “disgrace to the game,” and said he didn’t deserve a chance to continue playing football. Here’s Joe, who’s been blessing us with his opinions on Sunday nights for quite some time.

“I don’t ever want to be mentioned in the same breath as Ricky Williams as a football player. He’s a disgrace to the game. The man doesn’t deserve to play football. He should go on with his life and treat his drug addictions or go do whatever he wants to do. He’s been suspended from the National Football League on multiple occasions. Doesn’t anybody have any class anywhere?

No, it really doesn’t seem like it, does it, Joe? I find it odd that Theismann never once mentioned the Dolphins and their lack of class. They’ve employed Ricky, they insist that he returns to the team immediately upon the end of the Canadian season. But yeah, go after Ricky, go after the Argonauts… there’s no risk there.

And you know, when Theismann played in the ’80s… drugs weren’t a little bit of a problem, then? There weren’t a few players on steroids? The guy who helped end Theismann’s career, Lawrence Taylor, didn’t dabble in the narcotics a little bit? And Joe doesn’t have a word for them. Just Ricky.

Update, and it’s a good one: Joe Theismann’s son, in 2002, was arrested on in a South Bend hotel and charged with “four felony counts of dealing and possession of cocaine, two counts of maintaining a common nuisance and a misdemeanor count of possessing drug paraphernalia.” My kudos to for digging this up…

So, Joe… does Joe Jr. get another chance? Or do you never wanted to be mentioned in the same breath with him, either?


  1. No kidding. Dexter Manley anyone? Not to mention the recent Redskin player troubles of Sean Taylor and Timmy Smith. But Theismann doesn’t mention any problem of being mentioned alongside those fellas does he?

  2. VTHokie VTHokie

    He’s taking his hatred for illegal chemicals and those who use them like the fucker who snapped his leg like a twig, all of that hate out on Ricky. Poor sap. Maybe he should have taken some HGH so his bones wouldn’t have been so brittle that they crumble under a crackhead’s force.

  3. DookieStyle DookieStyle

    Ricky rocks the ganga….Joe Jr. rocks the blow…


  4. unc_samurai unc_samurai

    Theisman’s still mad about the Grey Cup loss to Calgary.

  5. Not that I needed one, but thanks for giving me another reason to hate Joe Theisman. What a sensationalistic hypocrite.

  6. sallypierre sallypierre

    i hate him because he’s not fuckable and he whines.

  7. I hate Davie I hate Davie

    Did I read that right–Joe’s 30 year old son was living with his grandmother and hanging out in Roseland Indiana (home of the midwest’s finest nudist resorts with nudists I’m sure NO ONE ever wants to see). Good times in Roseland or “Michiana.” Drive quickly. That’s my advice.

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