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I Have Somehow Lost Respect For Terrell Owens

Look at that. Mavs hat, Heat jersey. I think that’s worse than anything Owens ever did to Donovan McNabb, and I’m not kidding. Again… Mavs hat, Heat jersey. At a Mavs vs. Heat game. What kind of a person does that? How completely devoid of character do you have to be?

The statement that Owens is making with his ensemble is something like, “I have no real conviction about anything. The very concept of loyalty confuses me and makes me begin to weep. I will do what is fashionable, and what I believe is cool. I am completely unaware of my surroundings and the basic rules of a normal society… and I just don’t care, because I don’t have to.”

Unless you’re a sibling to a player on one team, and currently having sex with a player on the other team, Laura Quinn-style… then you’re just a complete dickbag. Mavs hat, Heat jersey. Tells you just about everything you need to know about Terrell Owens.


  1. Manuel Manuel

    Pretty rotten of him. The Cowboys make a huge leap of faith to sign him to a nice contract, then he dickslaps the city of Dallas at Game 1 of the Finals. Unless he’s fathered kids in both cities…

  2. I don’t want to make a habit out of defending Terrell Owens, but from his interview, it seemed like he was actually a Heat fan, but remembered as he was heading out the door that he plays for the Dallas Cowboys and should probably put some Dallas gear on.

  3. CasterTroy CasterTroy

    I am also not going to defend T.O., but he said in the interview that SHAQ is like a brother to him. He also has many friends on the Mavs team, like Jason Terry. That why he wore both team’s apaearal.

  4. lopey lopey

    Not only is he mixing and matching gear, he is wearing a fucking basketball jersey. I’m pretty sure that is unacceptable once you turn double-digits in age. The only time I wear a jersey nowadays is in the comfort of my basement during a Bears game, go Cade McNown!

  5. unc_samurai unc_samurai

    I remember years ago, before he took a stab at a criminal career, OJ wore a jacket that was half-Buffalo, half-San Francisco to some NFL event. I thought it was bizarre, like Namath acknowleding his existience as an L.A. Ram.

  6. Once again, I look at T.O. and say, “what a douche.” Not only can he not make it on time to HIS OWN FOOTBALL CAMP (see for more on this), but he can’t even figure out what city he’s supposed to be representing. Give me a tenth of his salary and I’ll guarantee you one hundred times the common sense this jackass shows.

  7. “Give me a tenth of his salary and I’ll guarantee you one hundred times the common sense this jackass shows.”

    Color me skeptical.

  8. jrmarti jrmarti

    One can make excuses, but none are valid! He works in Dallas, takes his money from the Dallas fan base, so regardless of his personal biases he needs to appease us! We, the Dallas fan base, pay him celebrity wages, so he has to appease us! This is not debatable!

    Since the jerk is not capable of good judgments, Jerry or Coach Parcels need to make this point w/ him!

    Take him to woodshed, please!

  9. David David

    This is the definition of a non-story.

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