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Stephon Marbury Is Doing Good Things…

…but still finding time to make me laugh in the process. Marbury’s doing something nice for kids in his hometown of Coney Island. And that’s fantastic. Part of what he’s doing is helping to get kids really expensive shoes, for not much money. I’ll let him explain.

“The sneaker’s going to be $14.98, the same exact shoe that you can go and spend $220 for,” Marbury said. “What we’re trying to do is allow kids to understand that we can still have the fly stuff, and we don’t got to pay a whole bunch of money. The way how this world is right now, we need more people like me.



  1. Andy Andy

    Is that the Derek Zoolander perfected “Blue Steel” look Starbury is always using?

  2. Theri Maa Bhanchod! Theri Maa Bhanchod!

    “we need more people like me”? exactly what is he doing so good that we need more dickheads? What, giving kids expensive shoes is charity? How about teaching them the value of an education and a good work ethic? I guess shoes are more defining than those things. God I want to burn MSG down

  3. Because this guy wouldn’t know “work ethic” if it bit him in the ass.

    What better vaule system to instill in the Youth of America than “you can get fly stuff”?

    Oh, and don’t forget to ditch the humilty and pat yourself on the back, Starbury!

  4. Jeff Jeff


    I keep wanting to give Marbury the benefit of the doubt. I still think he can possibly be a part of a winning team but, this quote?

    God! What a complete jackass!!

  5. syzygy syzygy

    I would be surprised that his idea of charity is selling kids expensive sneakers for cheap if I didn’t already know that his idea of a going-away present is a used iPod with his music still on it.

  6. the sockk the sockk

    I posted this on YaySports, but it doesn’t hurt to be redundant. Stephon Marbury gave a million dollars to relief for Hurricane Katrina. But, that doesn’t matter now because Tim Thomas thought he was weird.

  7. the mighty mjd the mighty mjd

    You know… that’s perfectly fair, and I know he did that, and of course, that’s fantastic. And this turns into a much bigger point… when we watch athletes, and what they do in the spotlight, etc., we’re not judging them as people. Because we don’t know them as people. If I say, “I love Ben Wallace,” I don’t mean that, you know… if he gets sick, I’m the first one at the hospital to donate my kidney. I just don’t know him like that. If I ever met him and hung out with him for an hour, he might ask me if I’m down with the Monroe Transfer and then beat the fuck out of me, who knows? But, of what I can see, which, ultimately, is whatever part of him he lets the public see, I really like. It’s not a comprehensive evaluation.

    So if I criticize Stephon Marbury, or call him a douchebag, or say I that I can’t stand him… it’s the same thing… it’s not a judgement on him as a person. I don’t know him like that. I only know the public part of him that he lets people see… and I think it’s fair to criticize that while not ever making a judgement about his moral character, or the kind of person he is, etc.

  8. the sockk the sockk

    The only thing I have a problem is the people who downplay his charitable actions because they think he’d be a pain in the ass to hang out with. It’s not so much the articles but the comments. So what if he’s getting discounted sneakers for kids in the projects. It isn’t like they don’t need shoes. And I think that he’s right that the world needs more people like him. I think that he presents himself as a big weirdo to the media and while he hasn’t given so much that he’s forced to live in a corrugated iron shack, he’s done more than most people will ever be able to do to help people who are less fortunate than he is.

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