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  1. Hahaha, nice.

    Jay Mariotti is a big Gay guy I heard from a source, Ozzie Guillen.

  2. Keith Keith

    That gets more funny each time I watch it. Lavin’s reaction is A+ Junior High. I am now a Lavin guy.

  3. mrmom61 mrmom61

    Funny shit.

  4. I think Majerus spent weeks practicing saying that with a straight face. I mean, given his past comments about Ashley Judd, we KNOW he’s not a big… right, no spoilers.

  5. hkuszak hkuszak

    too many innuendos to count.

    “…he’s got the jet body…”

    I mean, come on.

  6. Jimmy G Jimmy G

    That was classic.

  7. jon git jon git

    I think rick is a great coach…and i would welcome him on my team any day.

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