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Tommy Morrison Wants To Fight Mike Tyson

If it were to happen, I’d have to assume that this wouldn’t be on pay-per-view, but on FOX, as a lead-in to Temptation Island or something. Tommy Morrison, who tested positive for HIV 10 years ago, wants to get in the ring against Mike Tyson. And he also says that he’s no longer HIV positive. Thanks to for the heads-up…

If you’ve heard of Morrison at all, it’s probably because he inexplicably starred in Rocky V, one of the worst movies in the history of cinema. He hasn’t fought in quite some time, and understandably so; no one’s really excited about a guy with the Hiv to be bleeding all over them. But I’m really glad that his time away from boxing has been productive… finding a cure for the HIV virus is no small feat. It’s also great news for those of you who were considering having unprotected sex with Tommy Morrison. Go ahead. Have at it. I dare you.

But yeah, at the age of 37, he wants to resume his boxing career, and he’d like to have a go against Mike Tyson. He says Tyson lives right down the road from him, and they’ve spoken about it. And despite the fact that it would be a fight between a guy who tested positive for HIV and, well, Mike Tyson… I’m sure they’d be able to find someone to sanction and promote it. Even sadder, though, I’m pretty sure I’d want to watch.


  1. At least he wouldn’t have to worry about Tyson biting his ear off. Well, on second thought, Mike’s a crazy mother!

  2. mrmom61 mrmom61

    The Duke just rolled over in his grave.

  3. That fight would be like a car wreck. You have to watch, but you aren’t sure why.

  4. Alto Alto

    In the words of Mills Lane LETS GET IT ON! If we have to endure RUIZ or KLITSKO or even EVANDER THE DONE DEAL. This shameless scam for money is no worse than any fight in the division and for my money Mike
    “momma said life is like a box of chocolates” you never do know what your gonna get..

  5. I suspect Morrison planted the HIV story years ago, just so he could now fight tyson without getting bitten.

  6. justaperson justaperson

    I think the fight would do good for the sport… it would also satisfy old fans who always wanted to see these two fight…. but its really weird…like the twilight zone..

  7. TommyTheDukeFan TommyTheDukeFan

    No matter what, rather this fight ever happens or not, I want to wish Tommy all the very best in his future. I’ve been fan for years. I met him before he turned pro – I was friend of his brother’s in Missouri. So whatever – rather he fights again isn’t as important to me as his health and his happiness.

  8. Sherrie Sherrie

    I am so excited for you Tommy! I never doubted you could take Tyson. Let’s rock & roll like the old days. I’m still your #1 Team-Tommy girl!

    Remember Crystal Bernard………..Lisa Hartman? How about a green Explorer? Yeah, that’s what I thought!

    Tell Apollo & John Cook homie says “Hey!”

    I’m not in Broken Arrow right now. Haven’t seen them or BA in a while.

    I’m in Branson.

    Get to runnin, babe! 6 miles…………no less. LOL

    Who da man?………..You da man!


  9. the mighty mjd the mighty mjd

    What the fuck was that…

  10. Babs Babs

    MJD? Has this turned into some screwed up groupie blog? WTF?

  11. the mighty mjd the mighty mjd

    A guy with AIDS has groupies. Go figure. And I’m proud to give them a place to let their voice be heard.

  12. ha-ha, MJD are you jealous that a guy with HIV has groupies?

    to me, cooties inducing(& nausea-inspiring) but ces`t la vie….guess you never can tell.Humanity always surprises….

  13. tullio tullio

    well tommy i would like to say you 1 hell of a fighter and you have won them all in my eyes so all the best shaun tullio..

  14. brett buzek brett buzek

    Tommy morrison lives in my apartment complex, wierd. Indigo Creek at 51st ave and tbird

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