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Al Harrington Is Becoming The Barbaro Of The NBA

Eventually, I’m going to start wishing that they’d just put a bullet in him. It feels like Al Harrington has been traded and/or signed about fourteen times this off-season. First, it seemed like the Warriors would land him. Then, it was Indiana, and ESPN reported that Harrington-to-the-Pacers was all but a done deal. Since then, it’s been undone, Harrington fired his agent, and now the whole process starts again.

I’m starting to think that Al Harrington just really really likes seeing his name in the headlines. One day this summer, I’d like to make my daily rounds of NBA web pages that I visit, and not see Al Harrington’s name. It’s not like he’s Kobe Bryant or LeBron James. He’s a very talented player, but I don’t need daily status updates on him anymore than I need them on Barbaro. Let’s just fast-forward to the part where the Hawks fuck this up royally, because you know that’s coming. I just hope it’s resolved before I have to start posting Al Harrington death wishes.

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