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Guy Who Collects Barry Bonds Stuff Now Hates Barry Bonds

That was a pretty poor decision, wasn’t it? Becoming a Barry Bonds collector? I bet that guy wishes he had that day back. There was probably a time when it seemed like a decent idea… and then there were the steroid allegations, and this guy probably thought, “Eh, it’ll pass. I still love Barry!” And it kept coming, and coming, and one day, he realized it wasn’t going away. And he looked around the room, at his hundreds of thousands of dollars in Bonds memoribilia… and he said, “fuck.”

So he’s going with the sound business strategy of “buy high, sell low.” Jeff Kranz of Phoenix is mad at Barry Bonds, so he’s selling off his most valued Bonds collectibles, including the jersey bonds wore for his first game in the Giants new park, a uniform he wore with the Pirates in ’92, and a Bonds glove from 1987.

I’m not into memoribilia collection, and I have absolutely no business or financial sense, but wouldn’t it behoove this guy to wait a little bit before he starts selling these things? Soon, Bonds is either heading the American League to DH his way past Hank Aaron, or he’s going to retire, both of which should spike the value of his memoribilia. Why not wait until then?

I guess guys who dedicate their lives to collecting Barry Bonds stuff are probably not ever going to be recognized for their sound decision-making.

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  1. I bet back in the day when this guy started collecting Bonds stuff it seemed like a great investment…

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