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Backdoor Cuts – 03/31/06

• Unsilent Majority has put together a list of the best pre-game rap songs over at Kissing Suzy Kolber, as a compliment to Big Daddy Drew’s Pre-Game Playlist Fit For a Fucking Badass. Fantastic. Any other suggestions? I’d go with Shook Ones, Part II, by Mobb Deep. It makes me feel like I have it in me to actually murder someone. Of course, Paul Maguire used to make me feel that same thing.

• I know there are some of you out there who always hated Mike Tyson, and always wanted to see him knocked down a peg … is this low enough? He’s being paid to “work out” in Vegas casinos, and people can come by and watch. He’s a glorified casino greeter, is embarrassed to do it, but he needs the money. Ouch.

• It was awesome that Freddy Garcia beaned Delmon Young in his first Major League at-bat the other night. That’s really all I have to say on the subject. And it was pretty awesome that he responded with a 2-run jack, as well.

Don King claims that a fighter he’s managing, Nikolay Valuev, is dating Maria Sharapova. He also claims that he’s got an ongoing dialogue with George W. Bush. Fuck it, why not?


  1. I know you’re joking MJD
    Nikolay Valuev is scarier than Nick Nolte’s mugshot. He’s fuzzy too.

  2. While I absolutely loved seeing Delmon Young get beaned…

    …the fact that it was done at the whim of Ozzie Guillen instead of some other manager…well, that just makes it obnoxious.

  3. Nice call on “Shook Ones.” I’m a little more partial to the “Survival of the Fittest” remix, though, but that’s just cause I have a soft spot for minor-7th chords, especially when mixed with booming bass.

  4. steelyjack steelyjack


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