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We All Mourn In Different Ways

There may have actually been a Steelers logo on the hood of the hearse.

This is the funeral procession for the recently-deceased Mayor of Pittsburgh. The woman highlighted on the right there has an unusual way of expressing her grief.

But you know, that’s what happens when a guy dies so close to the season opener against the Dolphins. In fact, I’m surprised that they don’t have those little plastic Steeler flags flying from the windows of the hearse. Did a “Here We Go, Steelers, Here We Go!” chant break out at the funeral?

Many thanks to my man Keith at for the tip.


  1. B. Minich B. Minich

    I think they waved Terrible Towels as a part of the funeral – I know the son of the mayor lead the waving of the towels before the game. O’Conner was a huge Pittsburgh sports fan, and a very popular mayor. He will indeed be missed.

  2. Moonshine Mike Moonshine Mike

    They put a picture of O’Connor in Steeler Garb on his season ticket seat. I am suprised no one tried to buy the tickets already.

  3. For the record, has been all but retired, however, I moonlight a bit over at Pitt Blather (linked above).

    Thanks for doing the picture justice, MJD.

  4. We did the same thing at my grand fathers funeral. Well, with out all the people… and the limos, and really, I’m not sure if people were waving towels over their heads now that I think about it. Never mind…

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