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Reggie Bush Took Money at USC; Plays Green Bay This Weekend

The hot story at the moment is the Yahoo! news report about Reggie Bush taking over $100,000 in improper benefits while at USC. Here’s a link to the ESPN article about the Yahoo! article, and I love how they put the byline as “ news services” when they pretty much just read the Yahoo! report and then repeated it. That’s kind of what bloggers do, only we don’t bother with fancy bylines.

Anyway… I can’t possibly tell you how little I care about this. In fact, if it drags on, I’ll start to view this story much like I view any and all news reports about Barbaro. I don’t think anyone did anything particularly immoral here, and while it may go against the “spirit” of the NCAA, well… I long ago stopped looking at the NCAA as an organization on the up-and-up. This happens, and I accept that.

The only way I’m going to care is if the NCAA comes down on USC, and puts them on probation or something. Reggie Bush losing the Heisman… I could give a fuck. The NCAA erasing USC’s wins/championships from the record books… again, a fuck will not be given. I saw those things, I know they happened. The actual physical location of Reggie Bush’s Heisman trophy, unless it somehow ends up on my mantle, concerns me not a hitch. Nor do any record books, which, if they even exist, I’ll never see.

If Reggie Bush was still at USC, then I might care. But he’s moved on, and they can’t hurt his NFL career, and to me, that’s all that matters. To Reggie Bush, that’s probably all that matters. If his parents were able to get $100,000 out of some agent, then hey, it worked out really well for everyone involved. A spokesperson for the Saints summed it up nicely.

“It doesn’t involve the Saints.”

Bingo. I’m far more interested in what he’s going to do to the Green Bay defense this weekend.


  1. I read some of Yahoo! Sports’ report, then said, “Yay, I don’t really care.” The NCAA is all about keeping students down while the schools make money off of them.

  2. 150 rushing yards, 2 TDs, I’m calling it! What I really wanna see is Reggie score his first NFL touchdown, then run to the sidelines, grab a premade sign ala Chad Johnson that says “Suck me, NCAA”.

  3. BA BA

    They should still come down on USC. Plain and simple they got caught cheating. Yeah, we all know major college sports are dirty but when someone gets caught they should be punished. We all know that NFL players roid up and from the looks of it we’re all pretty comfortable with that. But when they get caught they should be punished under the rules in place. That’s why there are rules.

  4. john john

    You don;t think anyone did anything immoral? He may have broken the “spirit” of the NCAA regulations? Perhaps I have a different idea of what that expression means. The “extra benefits” rule is pretty clear — while you’re a student participating in NCAA athletics, you can’t take, you know, extra benefits. I think $100,000 probably qualifies.

    If you don’t blow the whistle in this case, you will never fix the problem. And if the media doesn’t do it, the USC and NCAA will just sweep it under the rug.

    Reggis Bush is a crook and a cheat. He has all of the negative press coming to him. And I wouldn’t blame the NY Downtown Athletic Club for not wanting this crook/cheat’s name associated with their organization.

    Oh, and btw, USC’s not quite off the hook here. There is something called “lack of institutional control.” That could lead to prospective sanctions.

  5. john john

    btw, I wonder if Reggie and his family reported all of this extra income to the IRS.

  6. CincyMan CincyMan

    Wow talk about “guilty until proven innocent”. I don’t see anything in the article about him being proved guilty of anything except having yahoo sports spend 8 months researching a paper trail. I went to a Division 1-AA school where I know some athletes had a paid “job” doing security for an empty building. Is that an extra benefit as well? I think the point of the blog was “do we really care about this story” and my answer to that question is no.

    My guess is that John is a UCLA fan and this may help erase the years of ass whuppins at the hand of Carson, Leinhart, and Bush. If it helps…rant on! :)

  7. Bouj Bouj

    Good point, john. If they didn’t report it, the fam is in deep trouble. Not Reggie per say, but one of them.

    I hope the BCS strips the Trojans of their title so they can have that “repeat” go to a “one-peat” and then to a “half-peat”.

    And Bush should just go ahead and FedEx the Heisman over to Nashville to the guy who should have gotten it.

  8. dj2fly4u dj2fly4u

    thats funny
    how many time have we talked about this topic

    everyone who has gone to college
    knows the athletes are getting “benefits”
    i didnt have to follow them around
    you can see with your own 2 eyes whats up
    dont be so naive to think reggie bush is the only
    dude at usc who got anything from anybody

    the ncaa is in the business of prevention
    but nothing is being prevented
    because their system is so screwed
    its okay for them to make millions and millions
    and then they pull the “well we gave them a scholarship” card

    its time to have an NCAA-PA (just dont have gene upshaw as the head)
    otherwise lets start stripping everybody’s tite
    and heismans, cuz ultimately thats what will happen

  9. This is a big deal, sort of. He is no longer in college. What can they do? Take his Heisman away? If they do, do they give it to VY?

  10. “If Reggie Bush was still at USC, then I might care. But he’s moved on, and they can’t hurt his NFL career, and to me, that’s all that matters.”

    Well, true, but they CAN still hurt USC, and they probably will, if history is any indicator (see: Michigan basketball).

    Normally, I could care less about USC getting hurt by the NCAA; I might even say, “Good, heap it on.” But I do take exception because it simply makes no sense for the NCAA to come down hard on a program in penalizing players who may be clean and had nothing to do with Bush’s actions. Sure, the university “lacked institutional control,” but show me one university that has a clean handle on absolutely everything in their athletics’ programs. I guarantee you, that university doesn’t exist.

    The NCAA needs to be more specific about who to penalize and why. It is true that they shouldn’t be a college athletics “court,” analyzing situations on a case-by-case basis, but again, that’s the fact of college athletics. Hell, hire a judicial panel consisting of retired judges or something. You can’t tell me that they don’t have money to do that.

  11. Kn8 Kn8

    Hurry Reggie, put that trophy for sale on eBay before they come and repo it! Because really, is it going to be any more valuable than it is right now? Then use the coin to pay off the IRS. That’ll show’em.

  12. I think every one is missing the most important fact to come out of this post. Apparently Reggie Bush is Bill Cosby’s son. Nice sweater.

  13. Alex Alex

    I refuse to give a flying fuck about this until he is found guilty of something. An accusation in a Yahoo! Sports Exclusive does not = a guilty verdict. Seriously, I think Yahoo! Sports keeps talking about this because they have nothing better to do, and they know it will get lots of attention.

    Anyone that wants to strip Reggie Bush of the Heisman because of this needs to tell me why Bush can’t stay an official Heisman winner, while a certain other USC running back who helped them win a national championship can. I’m talking about OJ Simpson. Even if these allegations about Bush are true, nothing he did even comes close to murder (oops, I forgot, the gloves didn’t fit, so he didn’t do it).

    As for stripping USC’s 2004 title, who gets it then? Do we give it to the Oklahoma team they beat in the Orange Bowl, or the Auburn team that went undefeated? Either way, at least we’ll be sure that the 2004 National Champion will be one that has exercised much better institutional control than USC…oh, wait, we’re talking about the same Oklahoma school that just kicked it’s starting QB off the team for taking thousands of dollars that he didn’t earn, and the Auburn team whose players took classes that required almost no effort for high grades?

    My point is, schools do try to stop the most serious violations, but with any big program there are going to be players that break the rules. Taking the title away from USC would be unfair because lots of players from National Championship teams have committed similar violations, and even in the cases where the NCAA found out that a player had broken the rules, they never took anyone’s title away. If the rules don’t apply to the other National Champions, why should they all of a sudden apply to USC?

    People say that a playoff would end the debate on who the National Champion is, but from the looks of it, people will still find something to bitch about.

  14. Mr. Bojangles Mr. Bojangles

    Considering he’s made upward of $50m on endorsements alone in his rookie year, I think the only thing Reggie’s camp are worried about is if any of those clients care.

  15. If they sanction USC they should try to move to the Big East…I’m pretty sure a team could win that conference and get a shot at the BCS even if they lost all their scholarships.

  16. Pedro North Pedro North

    You have to come down hard on Reggie Bush. How dare he ruin the integtity of college football. Only the college can make money, not hte players.

  17. Tommy Trojan Tommy Trojan

    It is important that the NCAA and Pac-10 treat all schools on the same basis when punishing for “lack of institutional control”. When QB Billy Joe Hobert received a $50,000 loan from a booster in the ’90’s, the University of Washington was banned from bowls for 2 years. USC pressured the PAC-10 to enact that punishment. IF Reggie’s family took $100,000, then USC should be banned for four years ($100,000 = 2 times $50,000).

  18. drrew drrew

    It wasn’t just the two bowl years that the UW lost. They lost all TV revenue for one season. They had a severe reduction in the amount of official visits they were allowed to host. And they lost scholarships, I beleive it was 10 fewer scholarships for two season.

    USC with the help of the LA Times absolutely skewered the UW at the time. Payback is a bitch and I’d hope to see USC get stuck with the same punishment.

  19. TMan TMan

    The only reason to nail USC is because Coach Carroll let these sleeze promoters/agents into the locker room and on the sidelines. No one should feel bad for you getting burned if you are playing with matches and gasoline. (Poor players + sleezy promoters/agents = NCAA sanctions)

  20. You know I only care because some guys get away with it while others dont. OU lost Rhett Bhomar for the year because they had to cut him for basically the same thing. It hurt their team. Other teams get harsh penalties from the NCAA for the same thing.

    They should all have to play by the same rules. Just because he goes to USC or is the electryifying Mr Bush shouldnt exclude him from the rules. But as you aptly pointed out there is nothign they can do to him that matters.

    I wish if it turns out ot be true they could make him wear the name CHEATER on the back of his jersey all year in New Orleans. Ah I guess just playing for New Orleans will have to be punishment enough.

  21. Jacob Jacob

    USC should lose both titles and be on probation for at least 2 years.

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