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Backdoor Cuts – 09/21/06

Backdoor Cuts• The replay official who blew the Oregon/Oklahoma call has been granted a leave of absence, and will not be returning to the booth this year. Probably for the best. And because I feel so bad for him, I’m going to take the $100 I won from Yay! Sports and buy him a whore.

• If you haven’t seen it, check out this clip of Chad Johnson trying to do an interview after getting knocked out against the Browns. The man is hurting. He kinda looks like a younger, blacker, Harry Caray.

• The Wade Blogs has put together a Top 18 of Ryder Cup wives/girlfriends. The most impressive on the list is #10, Alex Leigh, ladyfriend of Colin Montgomerie. She’s probably not the hottest on the list, but… well, Colin Montgomerie is punching way out of his weight class here.

• Congratulations to the fine people at for launching the world’s first NFL Blog for dumb cunts. It’s called “The Female Fan,” and because you’re female and like football, you can go there and vote on the sexist sexiest players on both the Broncos and Patriots rosters. And then you can pleasure me orally and make me a sandwich, because, you know… that’s what you ladies do. I was under the opinion that sports sites for women already existed, obscure sites like “ESPN” and “Deadspin.” I enjoyed Big Daddy Drew’s take on this over at Kissing Suzy Kolber.


  1. theotheruw theotheruw

    That fb site for housewives is incredible. Read the comments under the article about how players wear tight uniforms to make them harder to tackle.

    “This is great trivia! Even my husband didnt know that!”

    Who’s the fucking woman in that relationship?

  2. In Peter King’s MMQB, he wrote:
    “I tried to interview Chad Johnson after the game but was told by the crack p.r. man of the Bengals, Jack Brennan, that Johnson was in no mental shape to talk to me. He’d better be in mental shape for Steelers-Bengals this week.”

    Hey P.K., I do hope you feel like an ass for this sarcastic jab Monday. Guess things aren’t always about you after all, your majesty.

  3. I did not laugh at that first sentence in that fourth item. I DID NOT.

    At least you can’t prove I did.

  4. Edward Edward

    “vote on the sexist players on both the Broncos and Patriots rosters”

    I’m sure none of those big dumb jocks are enlightened and sensitive. None of them are in touch with their feminine sides. Well, maybe Peyton.

  5. Check the comments section on that ivillage blog. I’m pretty sure I started me a catfight!

  6. jerloma jerloma

    Where you at 85?

  7. Tim Tim

    This is ridiculous. I went to college with Luke Donald’s fiancee Diane Antanopolous, #1 on that horseshit list, and dated one of her roommates, and she was not even top 5 in her senior year house of 11 girls. How does she beat Elin? Total garbage.

  8. You dont have to do that.
    The replay official IS a $100 dollar whore.

  9. Babs Babs

    Thanks for the link to Big Daddy Drew’s posting. So proud to be a sports fan who just also happens to be a woman…
    I can’t wait to go to my next tailgate party with some fancy new recipes. Heck, I don’t even deserve to get to see the game. I’ll just clean up the debris, make sure there’s plenty of beer on ice for post-game, and listen to the radio broadcast. Let the men go in and enjoy themselves without the distraction of me commenting on how hot #16’s ass is in his tight uniform.

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