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Why Can’t We Just Crown A National Champion Now?

The system we’re currently using is so contrived and unconvincing, why not just fudge things a little bit more and bend the rules to allow us to crown a national champion right now? That way, we could just abandon this mountain of BCS horseshit, and get on to the business of setting bowl matchups that would actually be fun, if pointless.

There’s no one that deserves to play Ohio State for the national championship. In my mind, Ohio State has proved that they are the national champions, and if there’s one more game out there for them, it’ll either be against a team that doesn’t deserve the chance to play them because they didn’t go undefeated, or a team they’ve already beaten. Who gives a monkey’s nutsac?

You may have guessed this, but I don’t want a rematch. And it happened just like I thought it would… the two teams played a close game (though I’d argue it wasn’t a classic, that Ohio State was clearly better, and the game wasn’t quite as close as the final score would indicate, though it was certainly very competitive), and now people who didn’t want a rematch beforehand (Kirk Herbstreit and Jim Rome, off the top of my head) now want one. I remain unmoved.

Say Michigan plays them again, and beats them. Can you say then that Michigan State is clearly better and deserves a national title? I wouldn’t. If they win, they get a split, and we’re right back were we started. Unless they’d consider making it a best two-out-of-three situation, I will remain against a rematch.

And what if Ohio State wins the rematch? Well, then, congratulations, Buckeyes, you did something we already knew you could do, and we just wasted about a month of everyone’s time.

And if any other team, like USC, Florida, Arkansas, or God forbid, Notre Dame, plays and beats Ohio State in the championship game, then both of those will be one-loss teams, and Ohio State’s loss likely would have come against a much better team than whoever beat the team that just beat Ohio State. During the season, the BCS would reward Ohio State for that, but after the season, we’d just give the title to the other guy? Poppycock, I tell you. Poppycock.

I hate the idea of a rematch. I see no point to it… but, if we give Ohio State the title now, and can have Michigan and Ohio State play again, just for the sake of amusement… then hey, why not, let’s have some fun. I’d prefer going back to the old system, where any bowl could have any team, as opposed to what we have now, which never works. Let’s just ram our collective wangs into the earhole of the BCS, and set some fun matchups. Such as…

Fiesta Bowl: Notre Dame vs. Rutgers.
Orange Bowl: Louisville vs. Arkansas.
Sugar Bowl: West Virginia vs. Florida.
Rose Bowl: Boise State vs. USC.
The Bo Schembechler’s Wake Bowl: Ohio State vs. Michigan.


  1. I prefer the old way over the current BCS as well- tho I’d prefer a playoff over either. By the way, the old system would have paired the Buckeyes with the Trojans in the Rose Bowl, as that game always matched the Big 10 champ against the Pac 10 champ.

  2. Laettner Stomp Laettner Stomp

    The BCS worked last year. The old system would not have, it would have paired USC vs Penn State in the Rose Bowl and we would have been denied the epic USC-Texas game. It also worked in 2003 when we got the excellant OT Miami-OSU national championship game. The old system would have locked OSU against the PAC10 champ not Miami. The new system is worth it for the years when we have two undefeated teams that are better than the rest. It may not work every year, but I’ll take its imperfections if every few years we get games like OSU-Miami and Texas-USC.

  3. There are still flaws in the BCS system, one of them being that no one can sort this crap out. Another: worthy teams don’t get the chance to see if they could play another team for the title.

    I would like to see some wacked-out scenario happen that destroys it, if only because a playoff system is long overdue. Just let the teams match up against one another and see if they can fight their way through.

  4. SK SK

    There sort of has been a playoff this year though:

    The OSU – Mich
    ND – USC
    ARK – FLA

    and the Big East round robin before Rutgers remembered it was Rutgers and screwed it all up.

    Maybe it’s not exactly how you’d like it to play out with seedings, but the teams are playing each other. I agree that you’ve ID’d the main problem this year, that OSU has been clearly better than anyone else throughout the course of the season.

    The best result would be USC beats ND but loses to UCLA, and ARK thumps FLA in the SEC title game. I hope that would move ARK up to #2 in the polls and they could face OSU, since ARK is playing the best right now, and if they beat FLA will have gone undefeated in the SEC, which ain’t nothin’.

  5. Jeff Jeff

    Why doesn’t everyone accept the fact that college football will never adequately determine its national championship? The sport does just not allow for it. There are too few games (12 or 13) and too many teams (115 or so? Even counting only BCS conference teams and Notre Dame there are over 70). Further, the teams play vastly different schedules, so it is difficult, if not impossible, to compare teams. Any time the BCS “works”, it is completely by accident.

    This is going to happen with all college sports. There are too many teams and too few games. The NCAA basketball tournament, while a good time and fun to bet on, rarely ends up with the “best” team winning.

  6. matthew matthew

    USC beats OSU and are national champions. Why? Neutral Field.

  7. collegeplayersare4saletoo collegeplayersare4saletoo

    Say Michigan plays them again, and beats them. Can you say then that Michigan State is clearly better and deserves a national title? No, you can say that MSU has nothing to do your inferrence.

    Also, you forget that the ACC has an auto-bid in the Orange Bowl, which means either Wake Forest or Georgia Tech will lose to Louisville in Miami.

  8. collegeplayersare4saletoo collegeplayersare4saletoo

    Hey Jeff (on comment #5) – is down, increase your bandwidth already so I can find out the latest Amato news.

  9. Finally a bowl matchup that my Irish can win!

    MJD for NCAA President Guy.

  10. the mighty mjd the mighty mjd

    I’m not forgetting any auto bids, I know the ACC goes to the Orange Bowl, and I know what the Rose used to be… I was just throwing together some matchups that would be fun, but aren’t possible. Also, thanks for the correction on the Michigan State thing, and it’s a shame you couldn’t figure out what I meant.

  11. Egg-sellent post. I really (REALLY) appreciate that you do not go back and edit mistakes (however obvious they might be). It’s honorable. And as always your insight and sense of humor is beautiful.

    AND … you be (in honor of Michael Richards) the only one I’ve seen pit Boise St against USC. That would be quite a game. It would be HUGE.

    I can only say I am in awe of you, Sir. In AWE.

    Oh yeah … and sportsfrog still sucks. I know you disagree.

  12. Not to pick on you, MJD, but since when did Michigan State enter the national championship picture? Are they going to supply the BCS with turf upon which to plant the national championship flag?

  13. The system also let us down in 2001 when the Rams beat the Patriots in the regular season, only to lose the rematch in Super Bowl XXXV. The NFL should have a playoff sys…. oh.

  14. If you want to crown them, go ahead and crown their ass!

  15. If USC plays Ohio State will you people worship the devil with me so he can open up the earth and swallow both teams? Thanks.

  16. Since the BCS is a joke and we’re not getting a playoff series anytime soon, if Michigan, USC, and the SEC champ all finish with 1 loss they should let Ohio State pick who they want to play. Forget the pollsters, forget the computers, have Ohio State pick their opponent. That way everyone knows who to be mad at instead of trying to figure out which Big Ten homer ranked USC 6th just to ensure Michigan gets a rematch.

    Imagine all the fun that would ensue when OSU picked Boise State.

  17. Jimmy Greer Jimmy Greer

    Am I the only one that thinks we’re headed for a rematch? Not the one from last week, but the rematch of last year’s Fiesta Bowl; Notre Dame vs. Ohio St. I know that Michigan opened the can on the Irish, but believe two things will happen; Notre Dame will beat USC in LA this weekend and Georiga Tech will win the ACC title. This will give the Irish 2 road wins over two BCS conference champions.

  18. Someone Someone

    Forget a playoff system. Imagine how great November 18 was, then imagine if Troy Smith and Mike Hart hadn’t started the game so that they wouldn’t get injured before their teams’ playoff games.I think that the BCS is fine for now, and, if anything, the old system should be brought back.

  19. I still prefer a playoff system. Obviously, that system is not perfect either. So, in the end, nothign will totally please everyone. But I much prefer playoffs to computer rankings.

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