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I Demand That George Karl Punch Isiah Thomas In The Face

I wish I had YouTube footage of it, but George Karl’s comments yesterday about Isiah Thomas… to quote my man Cal Naughton Jr., he nailed that like a split hog. I don’t know how David Stern gives out suspensions for this thing and leaves Isiah out of it. If there was any criminal activity that gave the NBA a black eye, if there’s any completely shameful thing that came out of the Knicks/Nuggets altercation, it’s that Isiah Thomas got off without punishment.

The standard for behavior is raised on Thomas immediately because he’s a coach and not a player. He’s the one who’s supposed to know better. And yet, he was the one pretty clearly, in my opinion, responsible for the whole damn thing.

First, you have his postgame comments, expressing the absurd notion that the Nuggets were somehow at fault because they were winning by 19 points and still trying hard. To even suggest that a fight is somehow justified because the Nuggets were still dunking and scoring points is absurd. That’s like saying, “Well, yeah, I burned down that guy’s house… but he did tell me that I parked my car in an illegal zone.”

Also as evidence is the video of Isiah saying to Carmelo “Don’t go to the basket. Don’t go to the basket.” That seems like a pretty good indication to me that Isiah Thomas had something planned if Carmelo did go to the basket. Why would he say that if there weren’t instructions in place to take a hard foul on someone? If you got Mardy Collins to answer completely honestly, I’m pretty sure he’d tell you that, yes, Colonel Jessup did order the Code Red.

I’m not arguing that it’s never OK to instruct your players to take a hard foul on someone. There are reasons, legitimate basketball reasons, why you’d do that. If you’ve got a player that’s roughing up your team, taking liberties, throwing some cheap shots… one strategy on how to deal with that is to give it back to him. If there’s a player you feel like will shrink if he takes a physical foul … hey, I’d give it to him.

But being embarrassed about getting your ass whooped … I don’t see that as a real good reason. Even if Karl did want to run up the score, I’m not sure Isiah’s justified in that. If you’re losing, you’re losing. No one cheated you. You have to suck that one up and take it.

Isiah is tired of being booed at home, he knew that the boos were coming, he was frustrated with his own team, and he did something stupid.


  1. Pedro Pedro

    How does Isiah Thomas keep working in basketball????? Runs a minor league almost in to the ground, then goes to the NBA. Runs the Pacers into the ground and parlays that into a front office job with the Knicks. I think they play in a major media market too. Runs Larry Brown out of dodge. He is now coach and GM. If I meet him, I will give him some manure to turn into gold. I just cannot figure how he does it.
    Pictures of prominent basketball execs with barn animals is all I can figure. Please help me solve this. Robert Stack no longer does Unsolved Mysteries, you are my only hope.

  2. BA BA

    I agree that Isiah was mostly at fault but lil’ Nate pretty much esclated the situation from a couple of guys jawing at eachother to rumble. Isiah as a jackass makes me laugh though.

  3. Dave Dave

    Poor quality video of Karl, courtesy of With Leather:

  4. Dave Dave

    Right on, MJD.

    Isiah Thomas disgusts me. I live near New York, so I get all the tidbits about him. For the longest time, I laughed things off, thinking he was just a moron. It’s becoming clear now that he’s not just a moron–he’s also a lying, cowardly prick with no concern for anyone but himself. Stern should suspend Isiah 20 games to send a message to other coaches.

    Better yet, do what Bill Simmons said–commandeer the Knicks and fire Isiah so he can’t ruin the league’s marquee franchise.

    Well, ruin it any more, than is (there’s still hope for a title run in 2015!)

  5. Cosign Pedro’s post. I ask the same, perfectly legitimate questions.

    I guess it’s just that high-money businesses pat each other on the back and put stupid people in high places for one reason and one reason only: because they can.

  6. 1. we all know isiah’s an idiot. he should be coaching high school hoops at best.

    2. who was that girl on his arm? she was pretty hot. and why in fuck’s name was she on his arm DURING a game?

  7. Hey, at least Isiah is going out in style. He looked a lot better than Van Gundy during this all.

  8. CJ CJ

    It’s been said by others… but I’ll repeat it.

    The punishment for the Knicks is that Isiah isn’t suspended.

  9. sw sw

  10. aka-peter aka-peter

    Karl is an unprofessional a**hole. He’s mad they fired Larry Brown. He better do something now that he’s got Iverson or he’ll be joining Isiah in looking for a new job at the end of the season.

    BTW: Carmelo is a bitch!

  11. Wackcyclopedia Wackcyclopedia

    “Mainstream” sports writers and talking head types seem to completely disagree. Like there was some known amount of points that the Nuggets should have scored and then benched anyone that could make a basket.

  12. Roger Roger

    Thomas is completely out of control and needs to be fined / suspended. Don’t forget that this is not his first violation of sanity in the last MONTH! After suggesting that “he would MURDER” Bruce Bowen if Bruce guarded him like he does, he then started a fight with Bowen during a game screaming to his team “to Break his fuckin’ foot if he does that again”.

    Punk as a player. Punk as a GM. Punk as a Coach. Punk.

    Speaking of punk…nice moves Carmelo.

  13. Josh Josh

    New York people are all the same. You are all a bunch of haters. Stop ignoring the fact that George Karl is a classless, insane lunatic. He reminds me more of Jim Ignatowski than a basketball coach, and he reminds me more of a third greater than an adult when he acts like little bitch and tries to run up the score because his bestest friend in the whole world got fired. Nevermind the fact that Larry Brown is a sanctimonious twat who did an absolutely horrible job coaching last year, then blamed it all on immature players (I thought part of his job as coach was to teach them some maturity, but apparently his job as a 60 something-year-old man is to complain about how immature 20 year olds are). At least this year’s Knicks respect Isiah and are starting to play well for him, as usually tends to happen on well coached teams. As for the foul, well, coaches call for hard fouls all the time at every level of basketball. The foul that occurred wasn’t really a hard foul at all, for those who were watching. It certainly wasn’t hard enough to justify Carmelo Anthony, who is supposed to be a spokesman and superstar for the NBA, throwing a girl punch a player who wasn’t even looking and then running away like a little bitch.

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