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That’s Just The Greatest Damn Thing I’ve Ever Seen

They grow the testicles huge in Idaho. Last night’s Fiesta Bowl between Boise State and Oklahoma might be the best college football game I’ve ever seen. I try not to get carried away with the hyperbole like that, but… I can’t remember a game ever bringing me out of my seat that many times. If that was the climactic game played at the end of a football movie, I’d have left the theatre thinking that a 9-year-old with an overactive imagination wrote it.

When Zabransky threw that interception with just over a minute to play, it felt like, “Well, they finally blew it. They got some good bounces and held the lead for a while, but finally, the better team caught up with them.” If feeling that way makes me a hater, or one of the infinate people out there that didn’t give Boise State the respect they deserved, then hey… so be it.

But then the coaching staff felt like elevating play-calling into an artform, and pulled some plays out of their asscracks that no team could’ve been prepared for. Miracle Moment #1 came on the crossing pattern/lateral play that tied the score at the end of regulation. Then Adrian Peterson put his foot on their throats again, scoring on the first play in overtime.

Then Miracle Moment #2 came on Boise State’s overtime possession, with a fantastic play design and play call. To begin with, how many coaches in the country have the balls to go for the 2-point conversion right there? Perhaps not coincidental to that question… how many coaches have a money play like that in the bag that they know is going to work?

Miracle Moment #3 came shortly after when Ian Johnson proposed to his girlfriend on the sidelines, right after the game. You start with a guy like Johnson, a fantastic person who’s a goddman knitter, of all things… baring his soul and putting his mack down on national television and making an honest woman out of her right there. That’s the sweetest thing I’ve seen since Notting Hill I haven’t seen Notting Hill, and you can just go straight to hell.

The only negative about it was Chris Myers trying to ruin the moment, like he was Berman at the NFL Draft. Before Johnson proposed, Myers actually said, “Okay, I know you want to propose right now,” and then the girl did her “cover her mouth and flip out” thing, before Johnson had the chance to ask. Dick.


  1. Cory Cory

    We should come back to Boise in 9 months and see how many kids are being created right now.

  2. No need to apologize for not seeing Notting Hill, MJD. I would have been questioning your manhood if you did see that movie.

  3. That was just incredible. Hook-and-ladder and Statue of Liberty in the same game? And a backup RB throwing the last TD pass to boot? I agree, I try not to get carried away with hyperbole but that was incredible.

  4. still drunk still drunk

    Fuck, I took a nap during this game.

  5. Total agreement about Chris Myers. How does a guy with so much broadcast experience have so little tact?

  6. LJ LJ

    how does a guy with so much broadcast experience have so little tact?! he works for Fox, for chrissakes.

    And about that game, I shit my pants on 4 separate occasions last night. Now I need 4 new pairs of pants and a new couch. Thanks a lot BSU.

  7. Bouj Bouj

    The Worldwide Leader should just go ahead, name it The Greatest Bowl Game In The History Of Ever (and this might be the one time I agree with their hype) and run it on Classic ASAMFP. Go ahead and give me some notice so I can set the DVR.

  8. witless chum witless chum

    My high school team used to pull that hook and ladder shit out when we needed something, or for the end of the half.

    We tried it once on a 4th and 10 and the opposing team, unlike Oklahoma, was all over it. Three guys blanketed the runner coming out of the backfield. Nobody, however, went to tackle the flanker who’d caught the ball and was supposed to pitch, so he just whipped around ran for the the first down.

  9. CincyMan CincyMan

    You know what burns me even more? After Zabransky threw the interception I turned off the TV because it was past midnight and I had to go back to work today. Now I have to hope that it gets played on ESPN classic so I can see it again. Damn you blue turf ballers but congrats on an awesome finish!

  10. soundbyte soundbyte

    CincyMan – I did the same frikkin’ thing!!! I switched off with 3 minutes left in regulation thinking “How does Stoops let his team get donminated *this* badly?” They were down by 2 scores then I think….Just before falling asleep I decide to switch back on, thinking no way in hell could OU score twice in that period, but boy was I wrong; the plays to come back & tie it were great, Peterson made some amazing cuts to score in OT, and then those plays…oh my gosh…just a sick game to watch….

  11. Henry Holland Henry Holland

    If feeling that way makes me a hater, or one of the infinate people out there that didn’t give Boise State the respect they deserved, then hey… so be it

    Jared Zabransky probably didn’t have you in mind, MJD, but he definitely let rip on the media who didn’t give BSU a chance in his postgame interview.

    Buwahahaha Bob Stoops. All that whining about refs stealing games from your team and you get three chances to finally punch in a 2-pointer, at least one of those chances being a gift to your team. They really do even out in the end.

  12. I keep watching the video of the highlights ( and it gives me chills and goosebumps every time. That was the ultimate case of the little brother clocking the big brother right in the mouth and staggering him so the little brother could land a few more blows to finish the job. In-Fucking-Credible. I almost died when they ran the hook and lateral play.

    That trumped the Texas/USC game, even though that was currently the best game that I have ever witnessed. This had much more emotion around it, and everybody loves a huge underdog story.

    I can’t agree with a bowl system for the fact that Boise State hasn’t lost a game all year, and somehow they aren’t champions. I am just rooting for Ohio State to lose so maybe some controversy will come up about the championship. It would be priceless to see somebody from Boise State in the NFL doing his introduction saying that he was from Boise State, the REAL 2006 National Champions.

  13. Bouj Bouj

    It would be priceless to see somebody from Boise State in the NFL doing his introduction saying that he was from Boise State, the REAL 2006 National Champions.

    When Zabransky is eventually starting for the Houston Texans, he will.

  14. Greg Greg

    Not to get all old-school on you, but I’ve got another large-sacked play call, from an unlikely source. JoePa went for two at the end of regulation in the 1969 Orange Bowl, when PSU could’ve kicked the extra point for the tie (no overtime back then). 15-14. I’m assuming no hook-and-ladder plays, but I think they probably fielded 5 running backs back then.

  15. john john

    We did the hook and ladder in high school twice. The first time our receiver got blown up as soon as he caught it and the second time I woke up to the sound of music playing in my head because on the lateral I got lit. Props to Boise St. they put the fun back into the bowls!

  16. Jason Jason

    I don’t think I’ve ever had to keep from shitting my pants so much in my life. I practically lost it the last couple minutes of the game. Boise State has my utmost respect and I really hope this will help give more consideration in changing the bowl system. Boise State kicks ass! And here’s to Florida beating out Ohio!

  17. I think the thing that really gets me about this is that you just knew that BSU was going for two. no doubt about it. and you knew they were going to win it there.

    i can’t think of a better football game and i scared the shit out of my girl b/c she couldn’t quite comprehend the magnitude of this.

    i told her she was seeing history. she told me to change the channel.

  18. It’s the best four and a half hours I’ve ever spent watching a college football game — I should have been sleeping between a double shift at work, but I decided to go over 24 hours without sleep, and I regret nothing.

    Chris Myers is the dude that no one wanted for a wingman when he was in college — he probably accidentally cockblocked all his fraternity brothers.

  19. BA BA

    That game woke up my neighbors several times due to my and everyone in my house’s pants shitting.
    It was fantastic.
    Also who was the third guy in the booth for that game? He was f ing terrible. I wanted to rip his head off after the first quarter.

  20. Jennifer Jennifer


  21. What bugs me though are commentators suggesting that maybe conferences like the WAC, Sun Belt, and MAC get taken seriously now.


    Enjoy it Boise St. Sooner or later, you’ll join the Mountain West…

  22. Babs Babs

    The Mighty mjd has SO seen Notting Hill…you can never stop learning new tricks to score chicks.

  23. thedon3wv thedon3wv

    Got Aunt G a DVD of Notting Hill for Chistmas, she loves Julia Roberts movies.

  24. I’ll give Chris Meyers a pass on letting the proposal slip, realizing that he was probably still too excited from that thrilling halftime contest. Phrases such as “couldn’t hit the broadside of a barn” or “couldn’t piss into the ocean from the shore” were all proven wrong for that guy that night.

  25. MIM MIM

    Fox Sports West is replaying it in the L.A. area after tonight’s Pac-10 basketball game.

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