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A Letter From Tom Brady’s Poodle

Listen, I’m gonna need you to cut me a break here. I’ve got a couple of things working against me. First, I’m a poodle, and most people think poodles are pussies. Also, Tom Brady’s my owner, and most people think Tom Brady’s a pussy. Well, let me clear a couple of things up for you. I’m a poodle, but I’m not a pussy. And Tom Brady … well, I can’t lie to you, Tom Brady actually is kind of a pussy. But don’t hold that against me, you judgmental son of a bitch.

I’m writing because I just need to vent for a little bit. Don’t worry, I’m not suicidal, and I’m not going to run away or anything. But sometimes, life here in Tom Brady’s house sucks, and I’d like you to know about it. I don’t have a lot of friends. Humor me.

You wanna know why Tom Brady has a poodle? It’s because he thinks that if some random cocktease out there sees him pick me up, squeeze me and call me “A good little Mr. Fluffers” in some goddamn baby voice, that it’ll make her panties all wet. And it probably works … I mean, five nights a week, that guy’s pounding a different slice of poontang. All because he “loves his little Mr. Fluffers.” Horseshit. My name’s not even Mr. Fluffers.

To tell the truth, I don’t even have a name. Seriously, I have no name. The son of a bitch never bothered to give me one. Brady went to some adoption thing they were having at Petco on a Saturday, looked at the clerk and said, “Yeah, gimme that fluffy thing back there, some food, a shock collar, a newspaper to beat it with, I guess … I don’t know, whatever you give dogs. And by the way, sweetheart, my name’s Tom, and I’ll be inside you soon.” Next thing I know, I’m stuffed in a brown paper bag in the back of his Escalade, listening to him ram the Petco’s girls ass off of the steering wheel.

He thinks he’s so smooth. Tom just owns me so he can show off and pretend like he’s sooo confident in his masculinity that he doesn’t mind owning a poodle. That’s bullshit. It’s all an act. You remember that GQ spread Tom did, where he was holding a goat? He wanted me to be in that originally, but I bit his hand and told him to go fist himself. And then I raped that goat. No kidding.

But listen, Tom Brady’s got nothing on me. No bullshit. At the shelter, my nickname was “The Playtex,” because I was constantly in some beaver. I used to get it all the time … and if they wouldn’t give it to me, I’d take it. I raped a German Shepherd once (I’ve got a little bit of a problem with rape). You should’ve seen that litter of puppies. Ugliest things you’ve ever seen … I’ve been dodging alimony checks for three years on those mule-faced little bastards.

And listen, I know it shocks you to hear that a poodle can be a mack player like me, but it’s true… I just happen to look like a big pussy, because I’m a poodle. Hell, most people think all poodles are girls, but I love it when I “accidentally” give them a glimpse of the red rocket, and their eyes get all big, like, “Wow, that thing is HUGE.” And yeah, dollface, it is. And it pounds like a jackhammer.

Tom’s never had me fixed, which is the one nice thing I can say about him. The downside to that, though, is that he’s never had me fixed because he just doesn’t care. The dumbass doesn’t even know where the vet’s office is, and I’ve been pissing blood for about a week and a half. I wouldn’t mind getting that checked out.

So let me tell you about my life here. A sit in a pet carrier all day, and sometimes, the maid shoves me some food, maybe some water, if I’m lucky. I’ll sit here and sleep for the better part of eight hours. Tom comes home in the evenings, and if I start crying and whaling like I’m giving birth, he’ll say something like, “Fine, I’ll let you out if you’ll just shut up for a while,” and he’ll get off his ass and let me out. Then I spend the rest of the evening waiting for Tom to screw someone, so I can watch.

Sometimes, other things happen first. Like, sometimes Coach Belichick will come by, and he’ll usually kick me and call Tom a “fag” for owning a poodle. And then Tom will say, “Hey, it gets me laid,” and then they’ll high-five, and I’ll just sit there and wish that either of them would grow up.

Later, when Belichick leaves, Tom stands in front of a mirror and cries about being called a “fag.” Then he’ll go read some fawning article that Peter King wrote about him, and it makes him feel better. He’ll slap himself on the chest and say, “See, I’m not a fag!” and then listen to some Pantera for about ten minutes, before he turns it off because he remembers that he actually hates Pantera. This happens every goddamn time Belichick comes over. Every time.

But, just about every other night, I’ll walk around and try to watch Tom charm the panties off of some girl. Most of the time, it doesn’t take long. He’s like, “Hi, I’m Tom Brady,” and she’s like, “Oh? Well, let me show you a few things about my labia.” It’s tough, you know … back at the shelter, I was sending the red rocket into orbit daily and nightly. Over here, I’ve got to settle for watching supermodels get pounded.

It’s not fair, though, to make me just watch … you think I wouldn’t like to get on Gisele Bundchen for a little bit? You think I didn’t want to dirty-up Bridget Moynahan? You think I didn’t want to mount Tara Reid? Okay, I actually did mount Tara Reid once, but she was shitfaced, and she didn’t even notice. That’s probably because I couldn’t touch the sides.

I should probably get going, though. Belichick’s leaving soon, and if I don’t hide, he’ll kick me again … I swear, I hate that asshole.


  1. Great post, MJD.

  2. danks danks

    Come on MJD you know Tom Brady doesn’t have a poodle.

    He probably has a macho pet…like a gerbil

    Don’t you have a few of those pal?

  3. DookieStyle DookieStyle


  4. Basshole Basshole

    So did Mr. Fluffers rape the goat before or after Tom did?

  5. This post made me spit coffee everywhere, I was laughing so hard.

    The image of a poodle getting it on with Tara Reid will make the rest of my day.

    What? Don’t judge me!

  6. BA BA

    I love the letters from pets tag. Fantastic post.

  7. People are looking at me weird because of the stifled laughter coming from my office space.

  8. awesome.. awesome.. way to get going on a slow Thursday.. that’s probably why I hate dogs

  9. Zee Zee

    I want to know how you come up with this…great imagination..

  10. Along with Skeets’ Romance on the Hardwood Letters from Pets is my favorite series in the blogosphere. It wasn’t Joey Porter’s dogs but it was easily one of the best of the bunch.

  11. I’m glad Tom’s poodle got that off his chest.

  12. -r -r

    I was expecting some melancholy post about Marty, but damn near fell out on this.

    Honestly, if you don’t find humor in Ean Randolph stealin, pullin glocks, and eatin waffles or Tom Brady’s poodle rapin a goat, I’m not sure we can be friends.

  13. Jerseyrules Jerseyrules

    Funny, funny stuff MJD. Cracks me up!

  14. mrmom61 mrmom61

    Great work as always. Funny shit.

  15. You are an example for us all, nameless fluffy poodle.

  16. Letters with Pets is awesome. Glad I didn’t read this at work — everyone would look at me funny.

  17. eric eric

    best post ever!!!

  18. thedon3wv thedon3wv

    All I have to say is, uh…well…uh…I mean…never mind.

  19. not surprised to hear that he got a little with tara reid. i mean, who hasn’t?

    man, mjd, where does this brilliance come from?!?! peyote?

  20. JT JT

    I hate Tom Brady so f-ing much. Anyone who has been a fan of an AFC team over the last five years has to hate him.

    Someone tell me what the difference is between him and Jeter? Both are pretty boys who foster their own images. Both are blowjobbed by the media to a sickening degree. Both are supposed to be beyond reproach because they work hard and are leaders in the clubhouse. Yet Jeter gets wait more hate.

    I hate Tom Brady. Have I mentioned that?

  21. JT JT

    Oh, and both bang and discard hotter women than any of us will ever touch.

  22. Spectacular Sam Spectacular Sam

    “That’s probably because I couldn’t touch the sides.”


  23. Babs Babs

    I had a very long (8-7), very crap day at work (my ex is my boss…enough said). Even worse, I can’t access your site from my workplace. What a fucking TREAT that post was to come home to.

    I know it must take you an inordinate amount of time and mental energy to compose posts for the Letters From Pets series, but know that they are appreciated. Tons.

    Thanks mjd.

  24. danks danks

    Jeter gets hate, because he wears pinstripes, and his boss worships Satan.

    While Brady plays for a well-managed team, that is oveshadowed by its area’s baseball team.

    If you should hate anyone on the Pats it should be Billy B…he is the dickhead.

  25. DookieStyle DookieStyle

    Don’t forget their fans, Danks.

  26. Mandalay Mandalay

    That was one of the most completely evil and nasty things I’ve ever read.

    Which is, of course, the reason it’s so awesome.

  27. DookieStyle DookieStyle

    I bet that dog got the shit kicked out of it last night.

  28. That made me laugh so hard I peed a little.

  29. urabozoo urabozoo

    The Peter King reference was priceless. I thought I was the only one who felt that King would love to give Brady a BJ and then write a full article about how the evening went. 10 things I think I sucked.

  30. Wow, Tom Brady’s poodle, Rickey Henderson and jack Bauer’s manpurse all have blogs! What did we ever do before the internet? We probably did what we were supposed to do isntead of screw around with the internet! Oh well, come by and see what Bauer’s fashionable accessory has to say about life, etc.

  31. jburden jburden

    Fantastic. Captures the “Enough about Brady!” vibe without devolving into regurgitated ranting. Rainbows. Brady and Montana, Rudy (1993), GQ photos, pretty, overrated. Affirmed, Dee.

  32. I think that was dumb.Tom what who will
    it be your modle grilfrind or the girl you going
    to have a baby with.That was dumb of you people
    are waching your move.Even kids.

  33. Andy Andy

    Does that dog have 3 rings?

  34. Kimberly Kimberly

    This poodle is awesome! And it’s way more macho than that pussy, Tommy Tissues Brady.

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