JR Smith Doesn’t Yet Understand ‘Growing Up’

JR Smith Shoelaces

If you’re trying to get a handle on when JR Smith might turn into a normal, stable, predictable human basketball player, today was probably a confusing day for you.

He started the day by talking to Stephen A. Smith on 98.7 FM in New York, where he confessed this:

“[Knicks head coach Mike Woodson] been telling me (to grow up) since I got here. Honestly, growing up, I don't know if I really understand the true meaning of it.”

How’s that for a wonderful little piece of inadvertent self-awareness?

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A $50,000 Fine For Untying Shoes Is Steep. A Punch In The Face Is Not.


I know that we don't solve problems with violence, but I don't know that $50,000 fines are always appropriate, either. A fine of that size in response to the attempting untying of a man's shoes is akin to six months of jail time for cheating at Monopoly.

I propose instead that Shawn Marion and Greg Monroe each get to punch JR Smith in the face. Hard.

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