The NFL’s Proposed New 15-Yard N-Word Penalty: Are We Sure We Want This?


This is a scenario we're looking at on NFL Sundays:

One young black man calls another young black man a word that is racially charged, but in a certain culture with a certain usage, is commonplace and acceptable. Overhearing this is a white man in his 60s ‒ a man who has absolutely nothing to do with those cultures ‒ who then tells the young black men that they're not allowed to call each other that, and punishes the offending black man with a penalty of 15 yards.

And if it escalates? If a player does it more than once, are we going to get to a point where he then has to give the NFL money?

Is everyone comfortable with that? Because I'm not.

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The Dumbest Show On CBS Makes Some Changes

cbs nfl today

I cannot think of a single interesting thing that Tony Gonzalez has ever said.

Please understand, that's a mere observation and not a knock on Tony Gonzalez. I'm sure the man has said and thought many interesting things; it's just that 99.999999% of all the things Tony Gonzalez has ever said have been outside of my earshot. For all I know, his mind is a bubbling cauldron of high-minded philosophies and bon mots.

But if that's the case, he's kept it to himself. And if he did make the conscious decision to never say anything interesting in public, ever, I would understand completely, since being the least bit outspoken is pretty much an all-around losing proposition for any athlete.

It's odd, though, that CBS just hired him to perform the very task of saying interesting things in public, since it's something he's done zero times before. It would make no less sense to hire Tony Gonzalez as a whale taxidermist.

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One Way To Read Richie Incognito and Jonathan Martin’s Puss Chronicles

richie incognito and jonathan martin texts

One thousand texts can tell you surprisingly little about a relationship between two people.

I just went through all the texts between Jonathan Martin and Richie Incognito over at The Big Lead. I shouldn't have, because it's a pretty blatant invasion of someone's privacy, and that's one of the reasons I feel a little dirty right now. The other is that Richie Incognito talks like an actor in a porno film written by a 14 year-old.

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Peyton Manning Is Not Embarrassed, Nor Should He Be


Peyton on whether or not he was embarrassed by Denver's Super Bowl evisceration:

"It's not embarrassing at all. I would never use that word. There's a lot of professional football players in that locker room that put a lot of hard work and effort into being here and playing in that game. The word 'embarrassing' is an insulting word, to tell you the truth."

Yeah, I'd have felt insulted, too. Bryce Harper, can you evaluate that question for me?

After he answered, Manning looked at the reporter like he just tried to start the wave at a baby's funeral. Here's video:

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Roger Goodell Is Killing PATs. PEDs Will Probably Remain, But PATs Will Soon Die


When you have something "extra" in life, the normal course of action is to rid yourself of it. You have an extra ticket to the show? Outstanding, you'll give it to someone else. No one says they have "a little extra money" if they don't intend to spend it. If you go to the doctor and say, "I have an extra ball," he doesn't say, "No matter what, we're keeping it."

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Quickly On Richard Sherman’s Colorful Postgame Comments


Three points, just because this seems like the sort of thing I need to have an opinion on:

1) Richard Sherman had just spent the past three hours in ftont of 68,000 screaming, frothing maniacs, engaged in a highly emotional, physical, hand-to-hand battle with someone he doesn't like, who doesn't like him. Perhaps you can forgive him for not morphing into a mild-mannered accountant 30 seconds after the game's conclusion.

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Championship Sunday – 2013/2014 – Sunday Afternoon Half-Smorgasbord


It's an upset, given my distaste for both CBS and overwrought storylines, but the pregame hype video for Brady vs. Manning was top notch. That gave me the sports tingles. I regret that I cannot find video of it. Now, was it a little over the top, comparing Brady vs. Manning to seminal television moments including JFK, the Beatles, and Ed Sullivan? No. I say no.

In fact, I've suspended all my jaded antipathy for the Brady vs. Manning storyline. You know what? It's justified. Let's cover it from a few more angles. It's the two greatest quarterbacks of the lifetimes of everyone born after Joe Montana retired. Why not go balls-out with it? It's as close as football's ever had to Magic vs. Bird, and we're fortunate to be seeing it.

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